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Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

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Since the beginning of time, brown hair with blonde highlights is one of our favorite hairstyles. This classic combination of blonde and brown hair suits both outgoing and reserved personalities.

Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

You don’t have to be a brunette or blonde. If you’re a brunette, it is easy to lighten your appearance and create a multidimensional hair ornament with a few golden blonde strands.

You have the perfect time to add highlights and blonde to your brown hair. You will find the perfect shade for you, whether you want a beautifully blended look such as tortoiseshell or unexpected smokey blonde.

Blonde highlights on brown hair can make it look as striking as platinum locks. Blonde streaks on dark hair add interest and contrast without the need to commit. No matter what color your hair is, there are pale options that will brighten up any dark shade.

Blonde and Brown Hair Colors

There are a variety of hair-lightening techniques that can be used to add some sunshine to your style, depending on your goals. It’s the versatility that makes brown hair with blonde highlights so exciting.

There are more than 50 options for blonde hair color. Blonde highlights can look very different from a dark blonde with chestnut brown hair to a mahogany blonde with copper accents. It is important to choose a tone that complements your base color and will flatter your skin tone when you lighten your hair. A professional can mix blonde and brown hair using a custom hair coloring technique.

These are some of the best brunette colors you can choose from to inspire your own look. Brown doesn’t have to be boring.

Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair
Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

A stunning set of platinum highlights will bring out the beauty in your naturally dark hair. This stunning contrast between brown and black hair will shape your locks while adding color to your roots.

Blended Balayage

Focusing on your ends will give you the best bang for your buck. You can also incorporate a variety of hair colors from honey blonde to caramel to chocolate brown. This amazing combination is full of personality.

Blonde Highlights on Short Brown Hair

The cool-toned brown hair was given a cool-toned blonde, which made it a sandy shade. The top tresses are lighter and give the illusion of spending hours in the sun.

Chic Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Waves

Bright streaks of blonde are great for lighting up the face and making your entire look lighter. However, subtle highlights in brown hair add an extra dimension to dull hair.

Platinum Blonde Highlights With Brown Hair

Contrast is the main focus for many girls. You can highlight your blonde highlights by going for platinum or ash blonde. This will give you a black-and-white effect that you will love more each day.

Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair
Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Blonde Highlights from Roots for Dark Hair

The straight hair is given movement by layering and feathering. It is also volumized by adding blonde streaks to the crown and then melting into highly-textured sections at the bottom.

Silky Waves with Creamy Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

For those who want to be low-maintenance and less harsh on their hair, it is smart to go blonde at the front. However, adding more honey to the hair will make it look even better and require fewer touch-ups.

Brown Hair with Icy Mocha Highlights

You can use a neutral approach to add highlights to brown hair without making it too orange or golden. Medium and olive complexions will be flatter by ash-blonde highlights.

Highlights of Blonde Under the Top

Highlights can be added underneath your blonde hair to give it a more modern look. To achieve stunning hairstyles, you just need to keep your brown base intact and highlight the area underneath with your favorite blonde shade.

Half Brown, Half Blonde

We all know Ombre hair has revolutionized beauty. But what if you don’t want to make an abrupt transition? Combining your blonde ombre and delicate highlights from your brown roots can create the perfect gradient.

Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair
Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Brown Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

Most dyes will result in thin highlights that are scattered randomly throughout a woman’s hair. Some women prefer to have streaks of blonde that are chunky. These are great options if you want to experiment with your hairstyle.

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights & Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights are great options if you want to keep your brown base, but bring it out to life. Highlights in a lighter shade and lowlights in caramel and dark honey will add energy and form.

Wavy Mix

This is a simple, yet effective way to style brown hair with blonde highlights. This style is similar to the others, but it’s all about the waves. They show off the mixture of brown and blonde.

Highlights are visible most prominently at the bottom of the hair, but you can still see them in the middle of the brown hair.

Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold and strawberry blonde are both trendy colors that can be used as highlights, balayage, or ombre. These styling techniques can be combined to create a vibrant shade of dirty blonde that adds a touch of pink to your brown roots.

Subtle Blonde Shine

Another example of subtle highlights having an impact on your hair is this. You can instantly add glam to a chocolate brown hair base by adding honey-colored highlights.

Ombre Foliage

Ombre is another option to get blonde highlights. The colors blend more slowly, often in terms of color and tone.

This look shows the dramatic change in hair color. The dark brown hair is now highlighted with blonde highlights at the ends. These colors are an autumnal palette.

Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair
Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Hair Colors with Blonde and Caramel Highlights

This beautiful combination makes you feel like you’re sipping a cup of Irish coffee. This is not your usual color combination, but it’s perfect for an ortho style. Mixing the silver-blonde and caramel highlights together is key.

Ash Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Adds platinum highlights to your ash blonde hair or ash brown hair to stand out from the rest.

The Classic Highlights

This is the most common way to think about brown hair with blonde highlights. This is a simple mix of blonde highlights and brown hair. The contrast between the tones really makes it pop.

Although the hair is still mainly brown, the highlights of blonde are hard to miss, so they’re doing a great job.

Caramel Blonde Lowlights

Highlights are not for all women. Some prefer strand-shaping lowlights. For a subtle approach, choose a deep caramel tone for curly or wavy hair.

Copper Blonde Highlights

This blonde color is another option for flashy blonde highlights. This warm shade allows for a natural transition between your natural hair color and your highlights. This shade will be especially effective if your base is reddish brown.

Blonde Hair with Purple Highlights

Bohemians can show their individuality with blonde or purple highlights. This combination is fun, flirty, and fresh – all in one! This combination is perfect for girls who aren’t afraid to express their true colors and attitudes.

The Fall Highlights: Subtle Highlights

This is a great way to highlight your hair in subtler ways. This base color is a mushroom brown, which is on the lighter side.

The highlights are a light brown color that blends well with the mushrooms. These are subtle highlights but they’re elegant and versatile.

Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair
Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Blonde Ponytail

Another cool technique is to focus highlights on one part of your hair. The ponytail is the only place where the blonde hair is visible. This creates a contrasting look by using a bright ponytail to pop against the brown hair.

The Coffee Blend

This stunning bronde palette is created by coffee browns, cappuccino, and espresso. Your face will appear slimmer and longer due to the dark roots. The bronde combination will make your green, blue, or hazel eyes pop.

Even Blend

Sometimes all you want is a well-balanced style with subtle and clean highlights. This style might be for you if that’s your goal. The highlights are slightly narrower than we have seen. This gives them a more casual look.

Face-Framing Blonde Highlights

Highlights can be used to frame your face. Blonde highlights can soften the contour of your face when placed near your face. These highlights are great for covering large cheekbones and broad jawlines.

Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Venetian blonde is also known as a strawberry blonde. Women in Venice had dark hair and desired blonde hair like foreigners. The Venetian blonde shade is believed to have been the result of hair dyeing that began in Venice. This is a mix of ginger and blonde that gives off a pinkish or reddish color. These highlights can be paired with light brown highlights for a rich, multidimensional look. For a flowing hairstyle, style your hair in waves.

Sunkissed Highlights

Another way to highlight your hair is with subtle highlights. It looks natural and natural. They are a narrow, even, and subtle addition to the hair. They complement the brown hair and create an amazing unity.

Silver Blonde Highlights

That’s right! This bronde mix is a combination of warm and cool tones. This combination looks stunning when it is paired with a brunette hairstyle. The light tips frame your face and highlight your jawline.

Blonde Sides

This is a unique way to highlight hair that you don’t often see. This blonde is concentrated on the sides of your hair. You get two sections of blonde on each side and varying shades of brown in the middle. This style is bolder and louder, but it’s fun to experiment with.

Honey Highlights

Another golden brown style, this one features honey-toned highlights that are paired with medium-toned browns for an organic, warm look. Highlights can brighten the hair without affecting the brown color

Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair
Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Wavy Balayage

Another example of the amazing results balayage can produce is this. For a striking result, the hand-painted highlights follow the contours of the waves. It’s both fresh and classic. This is a great option if you prefer to have more formal highlights.

Bold Balayage

This is another look that emphasizes the blonde highlights and not the brown base. This balayage style features flowing blonde waves and a healthy amount of brown to add variety.

Blonde Ends

This elegant balayage style features dark brown hair with golden blonde highlights at its base. This style is all about achieving a natural and even blend of colors. This gradual fade occurs over a very small area.

From Golden Blonde to Chestnut

This hair color is the best! Hailey Baldwin is an absolute show-stopper. Her hair is a rich chestnut brown color from the roots and ends, then transitions to a golden blonde at the mid-length.

This look works best for people with brown hair. Richards says that adding blonde to brunette hair is the best look.

Tawny Brown

Cleo Wade’s tawny brown curls are highlighted by a hint of honey blonde at her ends and around her face. Papanikolas says that bronde can be used for any hair texture, but it looks best when the hair is a little looser so you can see the colors and textures.

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