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Blinken on harsh criticism of Israel

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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken criticized Israel’s role for the first time. On Thursday local time, he said, ‘The Israeli government’s stated goal of protecting civilians is still different from their behavior.’

Reuters reports that Blinken made the comments while criticizing the Israeli forces’ recent treatment of civilians in southern Gaza. Blinken made this comment at a press conference in Washington after a meeting with British Foreign Minister David Cameron on Thursday.

The US Secretary of State said that Israeli forces have been conducting operations in southern Gaza for about a week. Israel must take action to protect civilians there.

Expressing disappointment, Blinken said that Israel’s promises to protect civilians have been contrasted with those on the battlefield. However, Israel claims that its objective is to eliminate Hamas, not civilians. Israel has claimed that everything possible is being done, including giving warnings before military operations, to ensure that civilians are not harmed.

Meanwhile, Marken President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and King Abdullah of Jordan on Thursday. During the phone call, he emphasized ensuring the safety of civilians and separating civilians from Hamas. Biden also called for ensuring that civilians can safely evacuate from conflict areas.

According to the Ministry of Health of Gaza, more than 17,170 Palestinians have been killed and 46,000 injured since the start of the attack on October 7. And according to the calculation of the Israeli authorities, 1 thousand 200 people were killed in the attack of Hamas in Israel on October 7.


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