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Birmingham concert plans, soul’s ‘new city’ created

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Popular band Souls celebrated 50 years of touring in their farewell year. It was then known that they are returning with a special surprise. The band announced 50 new songs for their 50th anniversary. Three songs named ‘Kita Vaisab’, ‘Rixa’ and ‘Jedi Dekho’ have already been released. In continuation of that, another new song called ‘New City’ has come. It debuted on Souls’ official YouTube channel on Tuesday (January 2).

The lyrics of this song released in the form of a video were written by ‘Pari’ famous lyricist Sheikh Rana. Composed by Partha Barua. Rapper Taufiq Ahmed of the hip hop band ‘Rajtwa’ has joined them. He has sung the rap lines of the song.

Earlier, Sheikh Rana had written two songs of Souls called ‘Bristhi’ and ‘Chai Chai’. Even all the songs of Partha Barua’s solo album ‘Mukosh’ are written by him. Apart from this, he wrote several songs for Muhin and Palbasha Siddique in the tune of this musician. That is, Sheikh Rana’s solid chemistry with Partha Barua has long been.

‘New City’ is Sheikh Rana’s third song with Souls. The songwriter from Cardiff, Britain, told Independent Digital, ‘Souls toured England last year to celebrate 50 years. Souls had a concert in Birmingham. I went to see the show. Tawfiq was in Birmingham then, I knew. I told him, I am coming to watch Souls program, you go. He also left. We are chatting, Parth Da Elen. I introduced Taufiq. A few days before that, his song ‘Murir Tin’ was released in Coke Studio. Then Partha Da said, ‘Souls has never done a rap song before, so write a song, I’ll put Taufiq in it. He will sing a rap verse. All instant ideas.’

The song ‘New City’ was written and composed that night. Sheikh Rana said, “I was chatting with Partha Dar at night. He said, ‘Listen, take a pen and paper, for the 50th anniversary of Souls we will play 50 songs; You write a song.’ I said, give me old songs, I have written some lyrics. Then he said, ‘I am coming to a new city, you write a song about the new city.’ Various ideas came to write. I gave an idea.”

How about an idea? Sheikh Rana said openly about that, “I used a metaphor, ‘Fly on the wings of a bird’.” That is, the plane. So Parth Dara has arrived in the new city on the wings of a flying bird, everything he sees is good. But there may be a boy in this town who is really struggling, to whom everything seems an illusion. The song is written from such a thought.

It is known that they were engaged in a kind of research about the lyrics of the song till about four o’clock in the night. Talking about that feeling, Sheikh Rana said, ‘The host of that show was a person named Ifti, who wrote the song while sitting in his office. We have gone through this process till four o’clock in the night, the lyrics are broken, the tune is not happening, it is not in tune. It’s like old times are back. Earlier, songs were written and composed while sitting in the studio. We’re probably the last group of songwriters to have such a time.’

The new city song was recorded at Be The Sound Studios in Birmingham. The video was shot in Cardiff, England, Birmingham, London and Perth, Australia.

Coincidentally, Parth Barua is staying in London at the time of the release of the song. From there, he told Independent Digital, ‘The experience of singing the song is a little different this time. pretty funny Recordings have taken place in major studios on foreign soil. Even the music video has been shot in three or four famous cities in England and Australia. Taufiq sings a very poetic rap. All in all, a pretty good experience.’

Parth Barua is scheduled to return home on January 12. Then Souls will perform in Kolkata on January 15.

Taufiq Ahmed wrote on his social handle about the song, “I am happy with it. I grew up listening to them and sang with them! Life is beautiful.’

Incidentally, in 1972, under the leadership of Sajed Ul Alam, some young people from Swapne Bivo started their journey with a band called ‘Surela’. In 1973 the band was renamed ‘Souls’. Sajeed, Lulu and Roni were the founding members. Nakeeb Khan, Pilu Khan, Tapan Chowdhury, Nasim Ali Khan, Ayub Bachchu, Roni Barua, Newaz, Partha Barua and many others joined later. The current lineup of Souls consists of Nasim Ali Khan (vocals), Partha Barua (vocals and lead guitar), Ahsanur Rahman, Ashiq (drums), Mir Shahriar Masum (keyboards) and Maruf Hasan Riel (bass guitar).


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