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Biman’s Dhaka-Rome flight is starting in March

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Biman Italy’s Rome flight is re-opening on March 26 after being closed for 9 years. All preparations are going on including appointment of general sales agent, opening of station. Initially three flights a week will be operated on this route. Aviation analysts say that the route could be profitable for the airline if it could carry passengers from various European countries besides Rome.

Until 2005, Biman Bangladesh Airlines operated flights on about 31 routes in Asia including Europe, America, Japan, Middle East. These flights were operated by old and leased aircraft. Due to the inability to reconcile the costs with the income, the flights of many routes were closed.

However, currently 21 state-of-the-art aircraft including 787, 737, 777 Dreamliners of 16 Boeing companies have been added to the fleet. Besides, there are plans to buy 10 more new aircraft. It also plans to reopen new routes and closed routes as the fleet grows. This year’s destination is Rome, Italy.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Managing Director Shafiul Azim said, ‘When we start Rome, we are working with other things in mind. We want to provide the highest service to expatriates. Hopefully, we will be able to do it by the time we are supposed to do it, that is, by March.’

Biman’s 787 aircraft will operate 3 flights a week on this European route. Passengers will be able to reach their destination within 9 hours if the direct flight starts. However, to make the route commercially successful, analysts suggest connecting with Milan, Frankfurt in addition to Rome.

Aviation analyst Kazi Wahidul Alam said that if only flights to Rome are operated, some passengers may be found in Rome. But if you want to operate flights in other cities, you have to sign a cooperation agreement with the aviation authorities there.

Biman’s Rome flight was discontinued on 6 April 2015 due to unprofitability. But now due to passenger demand Biman is expecting profit.


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