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‘Big companies focus on monopolizing profits from AI’

by Afonso
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UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that the world’s big companies are giving priority to making profit from AI or artificial intelligence. He said, ‘We should be careful about the risks that big companies are creating in order to make huge profits from AI.’

The British media The Guardian reported this information in a report. Guterres made these comments while addressing the World Economic Forum meeting held in Davos. At that time, the angry UN Secretary General said, ‘Every advance in artificial intelligence has increased the unintended threat. It has dangers like climate crisis, with it comes another danger called AI. The international community has no capacity to deal with any crisis.’

Citing a report published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Guterres also said that AI technology undoubtedly has great potential for sustainable development. But as this technology expands, existing inequalities in the economy will become more pronounced.

Guterres complained that the world’s biggest technology companies are focusing on making huge profits from AI, ignoring human rights, personal privacy and social impact.

However, the tech giants have denied all these allegations, saying they do not use AI for any malicious purpose. Instead, they claim that employment will increase through the use of AI.


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