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Biden is under pressure over the death of US soldiers in Jordan

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President Joe Biden is under intense pressure after three soldiers were killed in a drone attack on a US military base in Jordan. However, he said, all those involved will be held accountable.

The British media BBC reported that the death occurred at the US military base in Jordan last Sunday. At least 34 people were injured during this time. The incident took place in the Middle East amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. It is not yet clear who carried out the attack. However, US President Joe Biden blamed Iran-backed armed groups for the attack.

After the war between Israel and Hamas started on October 7 last year, it was the first time in the Middle East that an enemy attack killed a US soldier. This further increased tensions throughout the Middle East.

From the middle of October last year, the armed groups supported by Iran started attacking the US military bases in Iraq and Syria. After that, America also started counterattack.

During those attacks, several US soldiers were injured, but this time three soldiers were killed. As a result, the situation has turned in a different direction. The White House cannot blame Iran directly for these attacks. Because taking such action may put America in great danger. The Biden administration doesn’t want to get involved in a new conflict and increase spending right now.

Apparently Joe Biden is now in both crises. Needless to say, his critics will take advantage of this crisis. They will accuse Biden of creating such a situation due to his ‘flexibility’ towards Iran.

However, the US is leading the ongoing campaign against the Iran-backed Yemeni rebel group, the Houthis. Britain and other allied countries are on America’s side in this campaign. Still, the Houthis did not stop attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea. In the meantime, US soldiers were killed. In such a situation, Joe Biden will have to start operations against other Iran-backed groups. But he has to do it in such a way that neither the snake dies nor the stick breaks. That is, US President Joe Biden has to find a way to save his own interests without getting involved in a war in the Middle East.


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