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Biden is as much a liar as Trump

by Afonso
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US President Joe Biden is a liar. The opening sentence is just a small hint. More importantly, various attempts have been made to suggest that the current US president is a genuine claim to the character, nature and temperament of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Biden gave a speech late last week. His claim there is that he is the only antidote to Trump. But there is a Shubhankar loophole in this. He tried to highlight the matter in a very dispassionate manner.

The Guardian newspaper praised the way Biden is preparing for the next presidential election. The thinking is that Biden will blow away whoever the Republican nominee is in November’s presidential election.

The Guardian journalist wrote, ‘Biden ripped his predecessor Donald Trump like never before. His insides were full of anger and contempt. And if Biden wants to liven up his campaign for re-election in 2024, this could be his strategy.’

Instead of addressing the important and correct issues, Biden delivered a monologue in his 33-minute speech that oozed deceit and malfeasance. And the mainstream media is biased towards one of the two leaders desperate for power. But these two leaders prefer to tell lies more than the truth.

As Trump pours a mixture of anger, hatred, contempt and profanity on his opponents, the mainstream media routinely portrays him as an authoritarian villain. Everyone knows that Trump is motivated by vengeance.

But when Biden does the same, he is praised as appropriate and necessary. The difference isn’t just the profanity in Biden’s speech. It might be welcomed by Democrats, who are deeply upset to hear such pre-departure talk from a leader of Grandfather’s age. They assume that the common people are giving the ‘benefit of doubt’ to their leader.

So most Democrats, like those peevish and cynical Republicans, apparently prefer to look and act more like Mr. Hyde than Dr. Jekyll. Still, it has to be said that Biden has built a wall between democracy and dictatorship in America. Otherwise, the hypocrisy and deception of Trump, who has been condemned for so long, would have spread like hell.

At that meeting, Biden raised the question, ‘Today, we are here to answer the most important question: Is democracy still sacred to the American people? I mean it. It is not rhetorical, didactic or speculative.’

If Biden’s question is indeed the least bit sincere, it should answer the following questions that immediately arise. ‘It is not rhetorical, academic or speculative’ – the words are not actually borrowed. He really meant it, it has to be proved.

What kind of ‘democracy’ will actually be encouraged and sanctioned; And what kind of ‘democracy’ will you call genocide, yes genocide, in front of these imprisoned people who have no way of escape or refuge; There is only acceptance of death.

What kind of ‘democracy’ actually protects and stands by another so-called ‘democracy’! When it imposes a harsh blockade depriving millions of Palestinian citizens of food, water, medicine and fuel and causing widespread starvation and disease, then?

What kind of ‘democracy’ supplies another so-called ‘democracy’ with massive arms and ammunition to render large parts of a densely populated area uninhabitable?

What kind of ‘democracy’ can dismiss the will of its clear majority of citizens, who demand that their president immediately help end the killer’s vengeful fury by negotiating a permanent ceasefire?

The answers confirm that America’s reluctance to name the imagined ‘democracy’ is not a ‘holy cause’. Rather, it is a literal myth or fantasy, long since distorted and corrupted beyond repair.

Biden, a worshiper of democracy, went on to say that Trump had done nothing but call for a riot on Capitol Hill to stop the storm. ‘The whole nation watched in horror,’ Biden said. The whole world watched in disbelief and Trump did nothing but call. It was the most egregious dereliction of duty by a president in American history.’

Well, Mr. President, millions of enlightened Americans and most people on this planet have also ‘watched in horror’ and ‘disbelief’ that you and your cowardly administration have repeatedly called and been rebuffed to end the killing frenzy around the Middle East.

Instead, you incite the horrors of killing and ensure that, until their (Israelis’) ‘murderous rage’ is satisfied, they can continue to do so. Where thousands of children are killed, maimed, orphaned, injured or buried under mountains—it doesn’t really matter, it’s more like being buried under rubble.

Sir, this is not just ‘dereliction of duty’. It is an affront to decency, which shocks the conscience and which compares to Trump’s criminal misdeeds. Biden is repeating the exact same thing he did earlier, accusing Trump of fabricating and spreading lies about the 2020 election. And he has done it now. Because he values ​​power more than principles.

But Biden himself has woven his own ‘web of lies’. Because, he ‘values ​​power over principles’. Biden’s lies are even more deadly and damaging. He pledged his concern over the deaths of people in Israel’s ‘indiscriminate’ bombings. Expressed ‘concern’ about the loss. It’s no wonder the amount of humor Biden and his cronies have engendered in their ‘plea’ for Israel to show ‘restraint’.

“Many Palestinians have been killed so far. Many have suffered this past week. And we want to do everything possible to prevent their harm’, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told reporters in early November. Honorable Minister, this is a great example of nonsense.

Biden’s allies are not listening to the fact that America continues to fight for Israel. Or they want to reinforce the idea among the American public that they are concerned. But America’s self-proclaimed ‘Zionist’ president does not personally disclose the number of deaths and maiming. Day by day it becomes hellish for the Palestinians.

There is a familiar game in Biden’s two-pronged diplomacy. He really wants Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his forces to stop trying to wipe out the Palestinians in Gaza forever. And let the bigoted Jewish settlers take this opportunity to steal more Palestinian homes and land so that this oasis can flourish.

Biden ‘committed’ to ‘two-state’ solution in Palestine. Meanwhile, Netanyahu is busy making sure that the proposed ‘two-state solution’ never happens by wiping the proposed ‘state’ off the map. And literally.

And when Israel invokes its right to self-defense, there is no discernible difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Israel gets what it wants, as much as it wants, for as long as it wants.

A liberal or a progressive – whatever – is a liar if he claims otherwise.

Author Andrew Mitrovica is a columnist for Al-Jazeera. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own.

The article is published in an abridged form courtesy of Al-Jazeera


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