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BGB treating injured BGP members who escaped

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Due to the war situation in Myanmar, several members of the country’s Border Guard Police (BGP) have crossed the Cox’s Bazar border into Bangladesh. They have taken refuge with Border Guard Bangladesh-BGB. BGP members injured due to border clashes are also under BGB shelter.

These BGP members have been treated locally. Four seriously injured people have been taken to Chittagong Medical College (CHMEC) Hospital.

This information has been informed in a press release sent on Monday from the regional headquarters of South East Region of BGB, Chittagong. The Director (Operation) of South East Region Chittagong has sent the notification to the media.

The press release said, ‘Due to the current border situation in Myanmar, several Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) have taken refuge in Bangladesh through the Cox’s Bazar border. Several of their injured BGP members have also taken refuge with our BGB due to border clashes.’

The notification also said, ‘Among the injured, four people are found in serious condition. These four BGP members have been transferred to Chittagong Medical College as advised by Cox’s Bazar local hospital for better treatment due to excessive blood loss and purely humanitarian reasons. The injured BGP members will be under the guard of BGB during the treatment period for the sake of security.


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