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BGB returned 5 Rohingyas trying to infiltrate

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Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) sent five members of a Rohingya family back to Myanmar for trying to enter Bangladesh through Teknaf border in Cox’s Bazar. The Rohingya family tried to infiltrate at Hoikung Ulubnia Point in Teknaf on Monday around noon. Later BGB blocked their entry to Bangladesh border and sent them back to Myanmar.

The Myanmar nationals who tried to infiltrate are — Md. son of Hussain Ali of Bhaugani village in Maungdoo district. Rahmat Ullah (30), his wife Sajeda (25), sons Hayatun Noor (5), Jonaid (3) and daughter Amat Noor (1).

A Rohingya family of five tried to infiltrate through the border point, said Jalal Ahmad, UP member of Ward No. 1 of Huaikang Union Parishad. Later BGB sent them back.

Jalal Ahmad also said that the locals are in panic due to the fierce clash and the sound of gunshots.

Meanwhile, there was no immediate statement from the BGB regarding the Rohingya infiltration.

Mohammad Fahim, a resident of Hoikyong area, said, “The conflict has been going on for several days in Myanmar. Because of this, some Rohingyas were staying at the Bangladesh border. When the Rohingya family tried to enter around noon today, the BGB stopped them.

He also said that he heard from fishermen that hundreds of Rohingyas are staying near the border.

The length of Bangladesh’s border with Myanmar is about 283 km. Major part of it fell in Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar districts. Several rebel groups, including the Arakan Army, have intensified fighting in the Bangladesh border area for weeks. After the escalation of the conflict, the most sound of gunfire is heard in Ulubnia, Tulatuli, Kanjarpara of Hoikang in Teknaf, Anjuman Para in Palangkhali in Ukhia and Naikshyongchari Tumbru and Ghumdhum border in Bandarban. This has caused tension in the Rohingya villages, increasing the fear of infiltration.

Due to this conflict, BGB is on alert in the border area. Among them, a Bangladeshi and a Rohingya were killed on the Ghumdhum border by a shell fired from Myanmar on Monday. There are reports that the rebel groups have already taken over the two border posts across the border of Tambru and Ghumdhum in Bangladesh.

Cornered in fighting with the Arakan Army, 95 members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) have so far fled across the Tumbru border and taken refuge in Bangladesh. In the meantime, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) members have disarmed them and taken them into custody. Locals have closed all the shops in the border markets due to fear. Many have left the area and gone to safe shelters. Those who remain spend their days in fear.

Currently, the number of Rohingyas registered in 33 shelter camps in Ukhia and Teknaf is 1.25 million. Of these, 8 lakh came from Rakhine State in the months after August 25, 2017. Even in six years of the Rohingya influx, not a single Rohingya could be sent back to Myanmar.

In August-September 2022, Myanmar’s internal conflict also had an impact on the Bangladesh border. Even then, there were incidents of shelling.


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