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Beware of these 12 harmful apps

by Afonso
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Data of Android operating system users can be exposed through various malicious apps. Many times various malware spreads on smartphones through apps. Someone else can take control of the mobile phone due to malware and clicking on the link. And if this happens, the phone’s important information can be stolen. Recently, 12 malicious apps have been discovered by cyber security organization ESET.

According to a Hindustan Times Tech report, 12 harmful apps are spreading malware. More worryingly, at least 6 of the 12 apps are available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, cyber security researchers have asked to be careful about downloading and installing apps.

ESET has released a list of 12 apps that are harmful to mobile phones. These apps can collect data related to the user’s contact list, messages, files, device location and the list of other installed apps.

12 Harmful Apps:

Privee Talk
Meet Me
Let’s Chat
Quick Chat
Chit Chat
Hello Chat
Tik Talk
Wave Chat


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