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Beware of scams on WhatsApp

Beware of scams on WhatsApp

With the development of technology, various cyber attacks and scams are increasing. Many admit to cheating because of their own mistakes. The popular messaging app WhatsApp has become a major source of fraud. Scammers are misusing this app. So there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid being cheated on WhatsApp.

Be careful about unknown numbers
If a stranger calls or messages you on WhatsApp, do not answer immediately. Check the number first. After that, if you see that he is not talking about any work. Then block it. Many a times scams are started with useful talk. So be careful.

Phishing attack
Hackers or cyber fraudsters usually send messages to different numbers in the name of banks, delivery services and government agencies or organizations. Many times try to show fear. In addition, sometimes it is written in the message, share the web link sent with other users. Don’t forget to share any such message.

Think before you click
If there is a link with a WhatsApp message, do not click on it. If someone you trust shares the link, you can view it. Still should be aware. And don’t click on links in messages from unknown numbers. With the help of these links, malware or viruses are downloaded to the phone.

Do not share personal information
Never share personal information with anyone. For example – Do not share bank account number, internet banking password, credit card details etc.

Don’t do screen sharing
Fraudsters steal important information from WhatsApp users’ phones or computers by ‘screen sharing’. Grabbing cash. In this case, the scammers will first make a video call. Then he will talk to you in such a way that your curiosity is aroused. Want to keep the video call for a while. Then it will ask to turn on the screen sharing feature of WhatsApp. Don’t forget to turn on screen sharing. Because through this your important information will be lost to fraudsters.