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Beware of people addicted to mobile phones!

by Afonso
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Even while walking on the street, a group of people can be seen carrying out activities one after another with mobile phones in their hands. Because of this, the others get into trouble on the way. They do the same even in social programs or discussions. These people who are addicted to mobile phones are called ‘smartphone zombies’.

This time they were warned by hanging signs!

This incident happened in Bangalore, India. According to media NDTV, a signboard has recently been hung on a road there. It reads ‘Beware of smartphone zombies’. This video and picture spread on social media instantly.

There are mixed reactions to this. Some say mobile phone overuse has become an epidemic. For this reason such caution is appropriate. But most people think this post is given in jest.

An X (Twitter’s new name) ID Prakriti said, ‘This signboard has attacked our entire generation’. Another says, ‘Is this really true?’

One of them says, ‘When you go out on the street, you have to talk on the phone now. It has become the norm. People don’t even have common sense anymore.’ Another says, ‘This banner should be Mumbai’.


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