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Betis Week, the international strategy to expand the Betis brand

Betis Week, the international strategy to expand the Betis brand

EIn an increasingly complex market, with exorbitant prices and fierce competition, the Betis has made a determined commitment to the quarry with the construction of the Rafael Gordillo Sports Cityin Two sisters. Facilities that he hopes, over time, will end up becoming a talent factory with which to nurture his first team. But the necessary growth to gradually aspire to more ambitious heights also involves the economic aspect, in which the green and white team is working in several ways.

One of them has to do with a studied international expansion strategy, which has been found in a new program known as Betis Week a perfect way to position itself in markets of interest in which to gain impact and, at the same time, collaboration agreements and sponsors that contribute to strengthening the club’s position outside the borders of our country. A project in which, for seven days, the Betis It focuses on actions of all kinds, both social and commercial, and communication in specific cities where it believes it can achieve significant growth.


A studied choice of markets

What criteria does the Betis to define the markets that interest you most? The international area of ​​​​the club takes into account numerous aspects, among which appear the existence of local sponsors, the presence of an important Batic community of fans or clubs, the places that have been showing a growing interest in the green and white, something that is quantified by through presence in the media, television audiences or followers on networks, places where sports projects have been developed such as schools or campuses…

The presence of players or former players of the green and white team from a specific country who can collaborate with the club in the implementation of the different initiatives to be carried out is also taken into account. A detail that has had a lot to do with the choice of the first three editions of the Betis Week in 2024, the year in which at least five actions are planned, with the possibility of a sixth still in the air. A calendar that started in Moroccoafter but Mexico y visit Chile a few days ago.


The Betis Week of Morocco, in Casablanca

Casablanca It was the first stop of the Betis Week this year, one of the most important cities in Moroccoa country represented in the first green and white squad by footballers such as Chad Riad y Go away and that together with Espaa y Portugal host the World Cup 2030. A collaboration agreement with the Raja Club Athletic or the celebration of a campus with more than 100 children between eight and twelve years old in the facilities of the Raja They were some of the most important actions carried out in this first week of green and white international expansion.

There were also ‘watch parties’ (viewings of matches with the children on campus), in this case the match that faced Betis y health in LaLigaor social activities with Tibu Moroccoa ONG local children at risk of exclusion. They all discovered what it means Betis and participated in a fun training that ended with the distribution of gifts. An intense agenda that expanded further if possible in the next project appointment, in Mexico City.


Andrs Guardado’s third recent visit to the country

Mexico has been closely linked to the green and white club in recent years due to the presence in its squad until recently of players like Andrs GuardadoMexican soccer legend and foreign soccer player with the most appearances in the history of the Heliopolitan entity, and Diego Lainez. He Betis completed two tours of friendly matches in the country in the summer of 2019 and 2023 and currently has training academies in both Mexico City like in Quertaro (the first with more than 600 players).

In this first academy of Mexico City Different actions were carried out, including the invitation to Mexican influencers and a ‘watch party’ of the first derby of the season. The ONG Ftbol Ms It also contributed to an event with children at risk of exclusion, enhancing the integrative nature of this green-and-white international project. A Betis Week that, without crossing back the Atlanticis transferred Santiago de Chileanother of the reference markets for the club for a clear reason…


Visiting the land of Manuel Pellegrini

The growth of the image of Betis in Chile has been exponential since the arrival of Claudio Bravo to his staff and, above all, since Manuel Pellegrini He took charge of the coaching staff. The goalkeeper, who has just returned to his national team, is a legend of Chilean football, while the Engineer is a true celebrity, whose presence in the Benito Villamarn has greatly increased interest in Betis both among fans and at the media level in his country.

During the Betis Week of Santiago was inaugurated Real Betis Academy of Chicureoit was possible to enjoy a ‘watch party’ in which the Atlético de Madrid – Betis of LaLigathere was a meeting with fans of the Pato Yezhistoric former footballer of the Heliopolitan club, and a ‘workshop’ was held in the ANFP in which they participated Juan Userosdirect business, Manu Fajardosports director of professional football, and Miguel Calzadoquarry director.

Furthermore, Manuel Pellegrini joins the Betis Week of his country by sending a video message to all the representatives of the Chilean professional clubs present. A meeting with the media and a virtual press conference of Claudio Bravo were the culmination of what to date has been the last action carried out of this international project of expansion of the Betis. Although it will not be the last, because soon the entity will be present in other strategic enclaves…


From Miami to Texas via Tokyo

From the hand of Seville Tourismhe Betis be present at the Sevilla’s fair in Miamia spectacular event that recreates the famous Sevilla’s fair in one of the most Latin cities in USA, combining gastronomy, wines and typical Spanish products with a music and dance program, where flamenco is featured. It will be the fifth edition of the event and more than 1,800 people are expected to attend in addition to a wide variety of exhibitors and sponsors. There will be the Betis looking for new business opportunities.

In the green and white international expansion calendar, the first week of April is also highlighted because it is the one in which the fourth Betis Week of the year, this time in Tokio. And after the visit to Japanthe program is scheduled to return from May 10 to 17 at USA for the fifth Betis Weekin Austin, Texas. Two more events in which actions with similar characteristics will be developed, related to tourism and gastronomic experiences, and where players such as Johnny CardosoAmerican international who arrived at the club in January.


Enhance the brand image of the Betis at an international level, collaborate in numerous sporting and social actions, continue establishing academies around the world, ensure that the club’s fans and their followers on social networks grow and, above all, attract attention in search of new sponsorships that help boosting the entity’s income to aspire to more ambitious objectives are some of the challenges set by the action plan of these Betis Weekthe green and white international strategy to expand its brand.