Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

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Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

In meritocratic Singapore, education is our ticket up. That’s why we’re willing to do just about anything to make sure our kids get into the best schools and score As all the way. Little wonder 4 out of 5 parents send their kids to tuition in Singapore, and Singaporeans reportedly spend between $112 to $2,000 per month on tuition fees.

Best Tuition Centre in Singapore
Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

How to choose the best tuition centre in Singapore

Tuition centres, tuition agencies, private tutors, online tutors and online tuition, home tutors all in Singapore. There is a whole bevy of options available for students and parents to choose from for junior colleges, secondary schools, international schools, or primary school students.

According to ‘Todayonline’, the number of tuition and enrichment centres have risen from about 700 in 2012, to more than 950 in 2019. And that’s just the number of registered tuition centres! The statistics barely account for the hordes of freelance home tutors.

For a majority of Singaporeans today, tuition is deemed as beneficial to children’s education and their learning experience. But with such a daunting pool of tuition services to choose from, selecting the best tutor for your child can be overwhelming.

If you’re considering tuition for your kid, read this through before you carry on. We’re here to tell you what kind of help there is out there, how to know whose reliable, and how much getting ahead academically will set you back financially.

In the list of the best Tuition Centre in Singapore, Sophia Education is one of the Best Education Centre in Singapore.

About Sophia Education 

Best Tuition Centre in Singapore
Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

Sophia Education is an educational institution that offers small group tuition or 1-to-1 classes in Singapore. Our center has top 3% super tutors who provide highly personalized lessons for students. The school syllabus is strictly adhered to, ensuring that the lessons are relevant. Our tutors are highly selected and rated by students, by top university degree holders with 7-20 years of experience, and using proven teaching methods and skills.

Practice questions, mock exams and intensive refinements will be provided to prepare students for exams and tests. Sophia Education has a solid track record, producing results that are 30-40% higher than the national average. Our tutors are equipped with the ability to inspire students and create a desire to learn through a clear and colorful explanation for abstract ideas.

The truth is that the school system in Singapore does not provide enough personalized support to students. The school teachers do not have the resources to provide the necessary support to the students. Students need teachers who can teach in a fun and entertaining way, and even better, who are themselves top students and no more effective methods of study. Just trying to pour everything into a student’s brain through rot memorization is not good enough.

Sophia Education is the solution. We provide the best teachers with a conducive learning environment for students and can improve how they learn. Our results speak for themselves. Since our inception in 2013, we have helped more than 900 students score ‘A’ in their O-Level and A-Level exams. We have attracted a group of quality teachers from top-rated universities, including Harvard University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, National University of Singapore and others. We can help your child too, sign up now.

Today, tuition is seen as a necessary commodity for any student’s learning experience.

In recent studies, it is found that up to 67% of Singaporeans have or have previously enrolled their children in a tuition agency in Singapore, while a staggering 80% of Singaporeans believe that tuition services, private tuition or home tuition is beneficial to children’s education.

These sentiments have propelled the expansion of the $1.4 billion tuition industry, and made a career in tuition teaching as a full time tutor in Singapore a highly lucrative career. Some tutors have made headlines by earning as much as 7 figures a year!

However, with great economic advantages in Singapore also comes great responsibility. After all, parents and students are placing their trust (and money) on tuition teachers and private tutors to bring about better (if not, the best) results.

At Sophia Education, we do not just hire any tutors or bring in private home tutors, but we accept only the best tutor, professional, patient, a good tutor with a matching system that will assign only the right tutor for your child.

Under Sophia Education, this pressure to push our Primary, Secondary and JC students forward is on. Sophia Education consistently subjects our teachers with strict assessments in order to ensure the highest quality of teaching at our centres. We match all our students to the best suitable tutors. Sophia Education employ the best tutors, and only the best and highly professional patient tutors in Singapore.

Here is how we maintain the exemplary standards of teaching at our tuition centres and remain as the top tuition agency in Singapore that teaches students from all levels like Primary Secondary and Junior College.

Highly Selective Entrance Exams

Best Tuition Centre in Singapore
Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

For every tutor and tuition teacher that applies to teach under Sophia Education, they are required to undergo a highly selective entrance exam with our tuition coordinators.

To be a suitable tutor at Sophia Education and secure a passing grade to teach our various subjects such as Maths, Science and even languages like Chinese/Mandarin, they must be able to score up to 90% in order to qualify as an educator in any of our centres to ensure they provide effective teaching with quality teaching strategies and teaching methods.

​The exam papers our tutors must take are definitely not easy. Many potential teachers and home tutors for private tuition or tuition agency in Singapore, regardless of their years of teaching experience, have failed to pass this very first stage.

It makes Sophia education Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

Test-interview to assess quick-thinking skills

Sophia Education tutors must be equipped to think fast and efficiently when guiding their students in group tuition with small class sizes. We affirm to every parent and student that time is valuable during the lessons, and we only select tuition teachers who are capable of being quick on their feet and have efficient teaching styles to suit the different tutor request from parents.

Hence, during the test-interview process, tutors are tasked to provide a mock-lesson by providing an explanation for a given question. Naturally, for questions that demand long-winded calculations or explanations, they need not produce the exact answer within a matter of seconds.

Instead, they must be able to easily spot the key methods and concepts to traverse through the presented problem. They are then further assessed on whether their explanations are made in a concise manner. This is important as students will be in contact and asking questions regarding their tuition assignments at any time, 24 hours.

A truly skilled teacher and tutor would be able to efficiently and clearly help their students’ with their immediate concerns, and only those who exceed these expectations are hired under Sophia Education. Our tutors are also welcomed to provide their own quality teaching materials, quizzes, and supporting materials.

Sophia Education
Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

Choosing only genuine and likeable tutors

Unlike home tutors, teachers in junior colleges, secondary schools and primary schools often have to juggle with a myriad of responsibilities outside of the classroom. They juggle managing their administrative work, their personal lives, or even extra-curricular clubs and activities. Not to mention, there are typically 30-40 students per class!

It is almost impossible for a single teacher to give the full attention a struggling student might need.

However, more teachers and smaller class sizes enable our tuition teachers to care for not just their academic needs, but also their mental and emotional needs.Here at Sophia Education, our tutors need to have genuine hearts and the passion to help the students succeed holistically.

The close relationship developed between student and teacher here also bolsters the students’ interest and motivation in their studies, as they begin to associate positive experiences with learning.

Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

Performance-oriented work environment

Every 1-2 months, students are tasked to complete a survey to rate their tuition teachers. Upon completion and review of these surveys, the Bottom 10-20% performing tutors are then replaced, ensuring that only the best tutor/tutors stay within school.

This promotes a highly competitive work-environment that pushes our tuition teachers to continuously improve and innovate- not only with their teaching, but also with the relationships they form with their students.

While the stakes as a tutor are high, the pressure and motivation drives everyone here at Sophia Education to do their very best for the students. Our services stand out from the other tuition agencies in Singapore as well as other leading home tuition agency.

We provide highly personalised tuition in Singapore that focuses closely on MOE syllabus for various subjects like math, chemistry, biology, physics, english, general paper and as well as mother tongue languages. Our tutors are highly qualified with many years of experience in teaching.

Flexible Request for Parents and Students

We provide tuition rates that are competitive and ensure student and client satisfaction. If a student or a parent is unsatisfied with their first lesson, they may request for a refund, which we will then process in 24 hours. Otherwise, they may request for a change to a more suitable tutor. Parents are welcomed to contact us anytime for any queries regarding our service or if they would like to find a tutor that would best suit their child.

A free lesson will also be give to students who refer their friend or a family member/sibling.

For parents and students who have a more hectic schedule, it may be more suitable to attend our online tuition instead.

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Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

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