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Bermuda Triangle mystery!

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The Bermuda Triangle is considered to be the most mysterious area in the world. Over the past 100 years, one after another, ships and aircraft have disappeared in this imaginary triangular area in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Several myths have been created about the Bermuda Triangle over time.

Bermuda Triangle Myth
Many myths have been created about ships, planes and countless deaths in the Bermuda Triangle. Some say that aliens come and take away ships or planes. Others say there are lost cities under the Atlantic. Where unsatisfied spirits and demons attack ships and planes to avenge the ruins of the city.

However, a group of scientists believe that the compass does not work properly due to the magnetic field there. Again, that area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle is also considered to be disaster prone. In addition, the area is a hurricane-prone region. There are even reports of severe tornadoes and storms.

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
Several years ago, an Australian scientist reported the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. According to Karl Kruzelenki, the climate in this area, located between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, changes frequently. The water level in the sea also fluctuates frequently. As a result, the direction is complicated.

Scientist Karl Kruzelenki claims, this Bermuda Triangle is not a mysterious area. There is no supernatural phenomenon behind it. Due to various possibilities of natural calamities, the weather patterns here change frequently. He believes that the number of ships and aircraft that have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle is not an unprecedented event. Such accidents can happen anywhere else in the world. Several ships and planes have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle due to natural disasters.

Renowned meteorologist Randy Carvani claims that hexagonal clouds are behind the Bermuda Triangle mystery. In this part of the North Atlantic Ocean, the hexagonal cloud is 20 to 55 miles wide with speeds of 170 miles per hour. This high powered air is called ‘air bomb’. That can create storm surges of about 45 feet. No ship can survive this storm. Even airplanes cannot handle this strong wind speed.

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