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Benefits of Kalijira

by Afonso
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Elderly people of the old days used to say that Kalijira acts as an antidote to diseases. Kalijira, which looks like tiny dots, has many properties. Kalijira contains various elements including protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, vitamin-B, zinc.

Black cumin is used as a spice in cooking various dishes. It increases the nutritional quality of the cooking. Apart from this, black cumin oil is very beneficial for the body. Let’s find out about the properties of black cumin:

1. You can mix honey with Kalijira and eat it in the morning. Black cumin lowers blood glucose. So those who want to keep diabetes under control, they can eat Kalijira.
2. People who worry a lot about weight, can eat Kalijira regularly. Kalijira helps in weight loss.
3. Kalijira strengthens the immune system of the body. The high antioxidant content in it keeps away from various diseases.
4. Kalijira maintains blood circulation in the brain. It has good memory. Apart from this, Kalijira also helps the body’s blood circulation process to be normal.
5. You can eat Kalijira to keep your stomach healthy. Because it is good for the stomach. Kalijira helps lower cholesterol.
6. You can mix one teaspoon of black cumin with three teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of tulsi leaf juice to reduce fever, cold and cough. You will benefit from it.
7. If you eat black cumin regularly, the physical and mental growth of the child will be faster. Black cumin also works well in improving brain health and memory in children.
8. Black cumin works against various types of harmful bacteria in the body. Besides high blood pressure it will be good for your heart.
9. Liver will be good if you eat black cumin regularly. Apart from this, Kalijira oil is very useful in reducing muscle pain.


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