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Benapole Express was launched 5 days after the Gopi Bagh sabotage

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The Benapole Express train started again 5 days after the sabotage at Gopi Bagh in the capital Dhaka. The train left for Dhaka with 141 passengers from Benapole railway station today at 1 pm.

Earlier, on January 5, a passenger Benapole Express train was vandalized by fire at Dhaka’s Gopi Bagh. Four people died due to burns. At least 20 people were injured. As a result, the railway authorities gave instructions to stop the train movement between Dhaka-Benapole for an indefinite period. As the elections ended on January 7, the railway authorities announced the operation of the Benapole Express train again from January 11. The Benapole Express train left the Benapole railway station for Dhaka with 141 passengers on Thursday at 1 pm after being closed for 5 days since January 6.

Benapole Railway Station Master Saiduzzaman Zaman, 832 tickets were sold on the first day. These passengers will board from different stations.

Meanwhile, the passengers are happy that the train has started again after 5 days.

In this incident, the director (guard) of the train, SM Nurul Islam, filed a case as a plaintiff. According to railway sources, at least two and a half crores of rupees have been lost in this incident.

Dhaka Railway Superintendent of Police (SP) Anwar Hossain said that it has not yet been confirmed who is directly involved in the fire incident in the Benapole Express train at Gopibagh. CCTV footage of the incident site is being collected and examined. Efforts are on to identify the suspects and identify those directly involved in the fire.


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