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Belgrade erupts in anti-government protests

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Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, has been rocked by anti-government protests over allegations of election rigging. The ruling Serbian Progressive Party won a landslide victory in the country’s national elections last week. The opposition alleges that there was a big rigging in that election.

According to BBC, the movement was peaceful for the first few days, but it turned violent on Sunday. On this day, a group of protesters gathered in the capital Belgrade and tried to force entry by breaking the windows of the city hall. At that time, the police fired tear gas to disperse them. Radomir Lajovic, leader of the opposition Green-Left Front, said policemen beat him and several others. There may have been an intelligence conspiracy involved in the breaking of City Hall windows.

The opposition alleged that the government rigged the election and made the ruling party win. Hundreds of thousands of people came by the busload to vote in Belgrade’s election last week. Protesters have demanded re-election in the city. Some opposition leaders have started a hunger strike demanding the annulment of the election results and a new election. One of them, Marinika Tepik, said at Sunday’s protest, “Alexander Vucsis stole thousands of votes.”

Domestic and international observers also reported irregularities in Serbia’s national and local elections. They claimed that votes were bought and ballot boxes were filled beforehand.

However, President Alexander Vousis commented that these accusations are futile and false. In an address to the nation on Sunday evening, President Vučić blamed foreign interference for Serbia’s instability.

Earlier, the Election Commission announced last Wednesday that re-voting will be held in about 30 polling stations out of 8,000 across the country.


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