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Beef does not meet the fixed price in Gazipur

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In different markets of the capital, beef is available at lower prices than the fixed price, but the opposite is the case in Gazipur. The price of beef has not decreased yet in various markets of the district. The meat traders’ association in the capital has fixed Tk 650 per kg of beef, but this price is not matched in Gazipur. Beef is still being sold at Tk 700 to Tk 720 in various shops. The buyers are angry about this.

It has been found that on Friday weekend, the price of beef was Rs 700 to Rs 720 in various markets including Chandana Chowrasta Bazaar, Joydevpur of Gazipur City Corporation. None of the shops were seen pulling the meat price list. Buyers complain that sellers are varying prices on various pretexts. Most of the conscious buyers who come to the market are indulging in price negotiations with the meat traders.

Buyers say that the Meat Traders Association has fixed the price of beef at Tk 650 per kg. But local traders are selling meat at 700 to 720 taka per kg. No one obeys the instructions. As a result, we are forced to buy beef at a higher price.

Aggrieved buyers said that if prices are really fixed, there should be a market monitoring system, action should be taken against those selling at high prices. If not, the traders will hold the common buyers hostage and charge higher prices.

Belal Hossain, a local resident who came to buy meat, said, ‘I heard in the news that the price of meat will be Tk 650 per kg. But coming to the market, its authenticity does not match. In all shops they are selling beef for 700 taka and 720 taka per kg.

Businessmen say that those who buy cows or buy meat and sell it at the local level are facing losses even after selling at 700 rupees. They claim that there is no way to sell at a lower price than this.

In response to the question why beef is being sold at a higher price even after fixing the price, meat seller Kamrul Islam said, ‘beef is being sold at Tk 700 per kg today, but believe it or not, we are losing money. At our local level, the price of buying cows is high. Buying cows, employees, shop rent all add up to additional expenses. In this situation, if you sell meat at the price of Tk 650 per kg, there will be a lot of loss. Out of respect to those who set the price, the price has been reduced to Rs 700. A few days ago we sold 780 Tk. At present we are selling at 700 rupees, if we sell less than this we will fall into loss.

In this regard, Abdus Sobhan, president of Chandna Chowrasta Raw Material Artdar Malik Group, said, ‘Traders are in fear of transporting goods due to BNP’s blockade. Many times the rent has to be paid more which affects the market. However, it has been decided to sell beef at the rate of Tk 650 per kg from Thursday. In this case, a monitoring team has been formed to implement the instructions of the district administration and the government so that the sellers cannot sell at excessive prices.


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