Home News Bears are changing the game, it can’t go on like this (commentary)

Bears are changing the game, it can’t go on like this (commentary)

Bears are changing the game, it can’t go on like this (commentary)

In addition to the finishing presidential fight (which is not to be commented on now), the long-simmering “bear fight” flared up again. In the words of the Ministry of the Environment, “the bear population has changed behaviour”. And we will change it too and hit the bears hard. Plates and machine guns.

It is completely absurd. In the 21st century, we have a state that solves a banality – how to deal with a problem that the “master of creation” solved a long time ago. Even long before he invented the mentioned machine gun.


Man dominated the planet by possessing reason and intelligence. He mastered and adapted nature. It is also called civilization.

After a certain time (man managed to cause unnecessary damage to nature), the same reason and intelligence led people to the knowledge that nature must be protected. Not out of spite, but based on a rational evaluation of the fact that the destruction of nature will also threaten the very existence of man.

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