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Batacazo of Barça in the Palau

Batacazo of Barça in the Palau

Ua story of surprises and improvement. Río Breogn, who was traveling second to last in the Endesa League to the Palau Blaugrana, took out his enormous heart to give an incredible moment in the national basketball season. I beat Bara (85-88) after enduring all their attacks, looking like the ‘Warriors of the Wall’ in the first half, and weaving a huge final defense when the ball was burning. His 7 victories bring them out of the abyss and once again touch the morale of Roger Grimau’s team.


The story of Cinderella in the Palau was one of the most special of the course. Ro Breogn came out extremely strong, with 10 triples in the first half that validated his candidacy and boosted a good Sergi García (23 points with 5 triples), and they gave the plus when Willy Hernangmez (20 points and 9 rebounds) wanted to take command. A 2+1 from the brilliant McLemore (18+5+4) and two brutal defenses from Juan Fernndez (13) prevented it. Lugo exploded with joy.

Breogn, very brave

A great game. He Bara, with Ricky Rubio starting in his second game in the Endesa League, ran into a brave Ro Breogn from the beginning. Not for the detriment of anyone. Because Rubio himself came out with great skill in defense, stealing and weaving several positive actions. With a lot of rhythm, they were able to think about breaking things out. But Breogn had another idea.

His triple became his weapon. And up to six fell. With Sergi Garca, Toni Nakic and Stefan Momirov as executors. Even with the option of one more, but Juan Fernández stepped on. He responded to Bara with a score and got them into trouble (18-26, 9′). Modest, s. But brave for a long time. Although Bara, with a great Brizuela on the horn, did not look out of place in an ‘All-Star’ first quarter.


Of course, the Galician presentation enchanted. And although he had some more difficulty finding a ring after her initial brutality, Ben Mclemore took over from his companions. A tremendous and triple reverse opened the margin again against a Bara that depended on Abrines and Jokubaitis (31-35, 16′).

Ricky keeps getting better

Although this dependence on you open became positive news. They planted their strong point in the corner and linked 3+1 with three free throws. Sum more Jokubaitis and the Bara regained a lead that had not been given in the electronics for many minutes of the Palau (38-37, 17′). But he didn’t break the game or cloud Breogn’s mind.

Sergi García continued with his first part of the scandal and left two tremendous triples. One of those worthy of Klay Thompson and neutralized a great pull launched by Ricky Rubio. Better feeling for the point guard, that they chained a triple with a fantasy pass to Willy. Balance of forces and ‘draw’ practically at half-time (47-46, 20′), although Hernangmez put Grimau’s team in command with a great mate.


But without any happiness. “We can’t concede 50 points at halftime,” Abrines stressed. And although they came out more intense, from the hand of a good Willy Hernangmez with his brutality at the rim, in the second half, Ro Breogn wanted the machada. Mcclemore He took the lead from his teammates and with two more triples kept the Lugo team in the game (60-56, 24′).

Their percentages logically fell, but they used a good Sakho to score physical points. Rowing, since Bara did not let go of the baton. Jabari Parker took over and with a triple and another great action due to pure talent he scored the score (72-67, 30′). Without displaying his entire game, but he is commanding. A clear warning.

Breogn continues to measure up

It even went further with a great counter from Paul, but it didn’t cut the illusion of those on the Wall either. Sakho continued to strike and McLemore, his leading light in the second half, hit a front three-pointer. Breogn ruled the Palau after rowing a lot. They wanted that surprise (76-77, 34′). A 4-10 turned everything around.


Even finish, not suitable for heartbeats. If Nakic increased the excitement, Jokubaitis equalized. But Breogn was launched and Sergi García continued to maintain his new leadership, supported by Willy’s personal failures. More so when Juan Fernández left a hook to expand the margin. That’s right, Bara didn’t sell his skin easily, with Willy compensating for his mistake and a huge triple from Brizuela (85-85, 37′).

A great ending

Nothing changed until the final minute because the mistakes, by Momirov and García for the visitors and by Jokubaitis to put Barcelona ahead, fell. Talent was bound to appear. And Ben McLemore, increasingly inspired, was his representation. He made a great entrance, with a change of hand in front and imposing his ease with contact, Rokas misjudged and fouled him. 2+1, air to ‘Breo’.

Bara had few options left. And when Parker tried to change pace, he ended up with a steal from Juan Fernndez. They did not finish and it allowed Bara a new option. I tried to run and Brizuela gave the ball away with another steal from Juan Fernndez for Galician ecstasy. His four-corner game was the final decision (85-88). The Breogn attacked the Palau. Cinderella. A Disney story.