Home Sports Barça rejects an offer of 200 million for Lamine Yamal

Barça rejects an offer of 200 million for Lamine Yamal

Barça rejects an offer of 200 million for Lamine Yamal

El Leave Saint Germain He is willing to go all out to reduce the damage caused by MBapp’s departure for Real Madrid, as MARCA has already reported exclusively. The Frenchman will join the white team and Al Khelaifi has already set to work to find a player who can restore the hope to the Parisian club that has seen how in just two years Messi, Neymar have left and now Mbapp will leave. .

The one chosen by PSG to replace him is Lamine Yamal. And he hasn’t held back when it comes to spending money. The French club is willing to pay 200 million for the player’s transfer, an astronomical figure for a boy who is only 16 years old, as MARCA has learned. It would be the second most important transfer in football history. The first, curiously, also occurred between these two clubs when PSG paid Neymar’s termination clause, which was 222 million euros.

Meeting by Lamine

Barcelona already knows of PSG’s interest in the player and the amount they would be willing to pay for him. This was one of the reasons why Your Jorge Mendes is in Barcelona this week to meet with Joan Laporta. The agent informed him of the interest on the part of the Parisians in signing the young Barça player, although the Board of Directors was already aware that this interest existed. The question is what Barcelona would do about this proposal, which, yes, is not yet formal.

Javier Aguirre: “Lamine Yamal also paints the scoundrel as a rat”

The great goal against Mallorca

The answer is not to sell to Lamine Yamal. In Can Bara they say that it is the greatest value that La Masa has generated after Leo Messi. And he is proving it this season, you only need to take a look at this Friday’s game, which was resolved with a superb goal that left Javier Aguirre himself stunned. He has taken over a starting position, clearly surpassing players like Raphinha who cost him millions. At this moment he is a permanent starter and will be in the future.

economic problems

However, Barcelona is without a euro. Rather, he has many problems with the salary bill and there is no way to find the millions that Libero once promised and that handcuff the club when it comes to signing on the market. Sell ​​to Lamine Yamal for 200 million It would be an immediate solution. The club will have the ability to sign with the one-for-one rule. That is, euro that goes out, euro that comes in and not in the one to two situation in which it is currently.

The sports project prevails

However, Barcelona will not sell because they do not want a short-term solution and, in addition, the sale of the crown jewel would be very difficult to explain to the fan. Yamal is the footballer who believes the most in the culerada. The entire group of young players that have emerged in recent times are the pride of the fans who are aware that now the team is not there to win big titles but as they grow they will be in a position to do so.


A historical layer

The batch that has come out with Araujo, Gavi, Pedri, Cubars, Balde, Fermn y, above all, Lamine Yamal They are a guarantee for the future on which the new Barcelona must be based. For this reason, the sale of the highest exponent of this group will not occur. Laporta knows that those 200 million would relieve him a lot on an economic level, but on a sporting level it would be a historic mistake. That’s why they put a clause of 1,000 million to prevent the player from leaving like Neymar did one day.