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Banquet of Women’s Empowerment Organization in Kuwait

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About 80 kilometers away from Kuwait City, the annual banquet of the Women’s Empowerment Organization was held on January 26 in the Dhu-Dhu desert Abdali. In the mood of winter, children, teenagers, young people and young and old expatriate Bangladeshis participated in this event.

The annual banquet organized by Women’s Empowerment Organization-Kuwait was a day-long event with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from this, the huge banquet spot was full of chatter and stories among the people of the community.

Children, teenagers, men, women participated in various events in the program organized after lunch.

Women’s Empowerment Organization’s advisor at the banquet. Bushra Habib said, ‘Women’s Empowerment Organization should organize such an event every year. At least in this kind of arrangement, future generations of diaspora children will find Bengali society, culture and its glorious heritage.’

Acting President of Women’s Empowerment Organization Parveen Islam said, ‘This is our continuous effort to introduce the new generation to our culture. He thanked and thanked all the members of the Women’s Empowerment Organization for making the annual banquet a success. Special thanks to Publicity Editor Halima Chandni for working tirelessly to make the event a success. He also thanked the General Secretary Roshan Akhter who was in charge of organizing the event.

Founder of Women’s Empowerment Organization, Nasreen Akhtar Moushumi said, “Women’s Empowerment Organization is moving forward with the slogan ‘When women advance, the country advances’ and through various events, the culture of Bangladesh will be highlighted in the diaspora.

He also expressed his gratitude, “Thank you to co-organizing secretary Nahid Sultana, cultural secretary Shubhra Pal and all those who were present in this event.”


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