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Banned in Brazil? What is the new FIFA?

by Afonso
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A cloud of apprehension gathered in the Brazilian football sky. The drama about the post of the board president came to the discussion after the continuous failure in World Cup selection. Ednaldo Rodríguez was finally forced to resign as the president of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) last December by the order of the court. FIFA threatened to ban Brazil from international football after accusing the CBF of administrative interference.

Rodríguez was reinstated as president earlier this month by order of the court. Within twenty-four hours of his reinstatement, he sacked interim national team coach Fernando Genis. The recruitment process of Darival Jr. as the new coach is also in the final stage. Only the official announcement remains. Selesaora received news of relief at such a time.

FIFA lifted the ban on the Latin American country. Emilio Garcia, director of legal affairs at international soccer’s governing body, confirmed the matter to Reuters on Monday.

Garcia said, ‘Ednaldo (Rodriguez) has been reinstated as president based on the free and democratic decision of Brazilian football. We are relieved by the High Court’s verdict.’

Reminded of the ban, FIFA’s legal director said, ‘We are delighted to return the duties of the elected president of Brazilian football. Brazil was in danger of being banned from international football competitions. The ban has been lifted after the High Court’s decision.’

Earlier, Rodríguez won the election in 2022 and became the president of CBF. On December 7 last year, a court in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, annulled Rodríguez’s position and ordered new elections within 30 days.

Accusing the administration of interfering with the board, FIFA said in a statement that if there is evidence, a decision may be made to ban Brazil from international football. Confembel also then tuned in to FIFA’s tune. On the other hand, FIFA told Brazil not to hold presidential elections in haste. After that, Rodriguez’s position was returned by the Brazilian court.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez thanked FIFA and CONMABLE for their support. Now the CBF president wants to focus on work, ‘This is a moment that will bring back the normalcy of Brazilian football. From now on, I want to focus on the development of Brazilian football. I was elected transparently and impartially. When (the board’s) autonomy is restored, Brazilian football wins. From now on, there is no obstacle for the national team and Brazilian clubs to play at the international level.


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