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Bangladesh’s relationship with America is good enough: Palak

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State Minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has claimed that the relationship between Bangladesh and America is good enough. The state minister said this on Tuesday in response to questions from journalists in his office at the secretariat.

Earlier, Palak had a meeting with the US ambassador in Dhaka, Peter Haas.

In response to a question from the journalists, Palak said, ‘Ambassador of a country met with one of the new cabinet of the new government. By discussing business, investment, employment, science-technology-innovation, you will surely understand that the relationship between America and Bangladesh is quite good and the doors of possibilities are opening with the new government in the next five years.’

The State Minister said, ‘Other countries of the world are very interested in Bangladesh and from the various talks and discussion topics of American Ambassador Peter Haas, I feel that the future commercial relations and potential relations of America with Bangladesh will be more expanded and closer. will be.’

When asked about the meeting, Palak said, ‘Today we talked about how the United States will work with Bangladesh to implement the vision given by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to build a smart Bangladesh by 2041.’

Palak said, ‘Our discussion had three main objectives. America is the largest outsourcing destination for our software and freelancers. Of the 60 countries to which we export software, the US has the largest number. Our outsourcing clients in America are more than other countries. We talked about how we can increase it further.’

The state minister also said, ‘Resource Innovation Centers were also discussed in 10 universities. We discussed how US universities and the government can help. Another issue is how America can have G-to-G cooperation with Bangladesh Postal Department to attract investment and the investment of American companies, especially Amazon, Starling, SpaceX, Google and Facebook can be more in some areas. said.’

Talking about employment with Peter Haas, Palak said, “All in all, we talked about what kind of cooperation we can get from the United States in building a smart Bangladesh and how we can build a smart Bangladesh together, increasing exports and investment and creating jobs.”

Talking about mutual cooperation on cyber security, the state minister said, ‘America has a lot of investment in our startup companies. In the last five years, there has been an investment of 28 million dollars in this sector. Again, several IT companies including Oracle, Microsoft are working in Bangladesh. Want to attract more companies to invest in Bangladesh. Recently, the need for mutual cooperation and coordination on cyber security has been discussed.


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