Home News Bangladeshi injured in firing from Myanmar, 179 BGP escaped

Bangladeshi injured in firing from Myanmar, 179 BGP escaped

Bangladeshi injured in firing from Myanmar, 179 BGP escaped

A Bangladeshi man has been injured by cross-border gunfire amid ongoing clashes between the rebel Arakan Army and junta forces in Myanmar’s Rakhine. On the other hand, 179 members of the Myanmar Border Guard Force (BGP) fled again and took refuge in Bangladesh amid the conflict.

Chhaber Hossain, a UP member of the Bangladeshi Naikshyongchari Sadar Union, was injured. He is undergoing treatment at Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital. He is a resident of Ward No. 8 Jamchari area of ​​Naikshyongchari Sadar Union.

Locals reported that numerous mortar and artillery bomb blasts occurred inside Myanmar beyond the border’s 46 and 47 pillars Puran Maizza Camp, Angchafri Camp and Sali Dong Camp.

Meanwhile, 179 members of BGP crossed the border and came to Bangladesh due to the clash with the Arakan Army on Monday. On Monday, they entered with weapons through the Jamchari border at Naikshyongchari in Bandarban.

Taslim Iqbar Chowdhury, the former chairman of Naikxyongchari Sadar Union Parishad said that these BGP members fled from Myanmar through Ashartali area and took shelter in a local garden. Later Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) personnel came and took them into custody along with weapons.

Since November 13 last year, the insurgent group Arakan Army has been attacking the Myanmar junta forces in northern Rakhine and neighboring South China state. The group says it has taken control of several key towns and army headquarters in Rakhine.

The clash between the military junta and the rebels has also created tension on the Bangladesh border. A Bangladeshi was killed and several others were injured in the firing from Myanmar. Clashes throughout the day, and the sound of intense gunfire coming from the other side do not stop the panic in the Bangladeshi towns on the Myanmar border.

Unable to survive the ongoing conflict with the Arakan Army, Myanmar’s Border Guard Force (BGP), 330 officers of various departments including army personnel came to Bangladesh and took shelter. On February 15, they were sent back to Myanmar by sea in two stages.

On March 6, the country’s insurgent group Arakan Army claimed to take control of the city of Pannajion in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. They say they took control of the city after defeating the army’s 550th Infantry Battalion in the city last Monday.

Pannajeon is located only 33 kilometers from Sitteh, the capital of Rakhine. At this point Sitte is surrounded by the Arakan Army. The rebel group claimed that two senior officers of the junta forces were killed.