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Bangladesh women more ‘lonely’ than men

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Most people in the world are socially connected to each other. Half of people think they are not alone. These data are known from a Meta-Gallup study published at the end of last year. According to Meta-Gallup, women are more lonely than men in Bangladesh. This information was reported by conducting a survey in 142 countries of the world.

According to Gallup’s website, 40 percent of people in Bangladesh think they are not alone. 20 percent suffer from some loneliness. And 39 percent suffer from more loneliness. Meta-Gallup also published a comparison between women and men.

The survey revealed that 37 percent of Bangladeshi men suffer from loneliness. 19 percent of men feel somewhat lonely. And 42 percent of Bangladeshi men think that they are not alone. Be with someone.

The picture is slightly different for women. According to Meta-Gallup’s survey, 40 percent of Bangladeshi women suffer from loneliness. And 20 percent live somewhat alone. In addition, 38 percent of Bangladeshi women think that they are not alone.

According to Meta-Gallup, about 3.2 billion people in the world consider themselves socially connected. That’s 72 percent of those surveyed. And 6 percent of 142 countries feel lonely.

Mater senior researcher Anya Drabkin said about this research, ‘The work of our platform is to maintain relationships between people. Give them all kind of help. Apart from this, our aim is to bring all communities of the world under one umbrella.

73 percent of the world’s men consider themselves socially connected. And in case of women, this amount is 72 percent. In Mongolia, this number is 96 percent (male) and 94 percent (female).


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