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Bangladesh will teach America about human rights: President

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President Mohammad Sahabuddin said, America comes to Bangladesh to teach human rights. But Bangladesh respects human rights more than them. Bangladesh will teach human rights to America in the future.

The president said these words at a function organized by the National Human Rights Commission at an elite hotel in the capital on the occasion of World Human Rights Day. He also said, ‘Bangladesh is observing the human rights charter letter by letter.’

Urging world leaders to come forward to protect the Palestinians, the President said, ‘They must be saved by a ceasefire now. Muslims are being killed indiscriminately in Palestine. Human rights are being violated there every day. But the world is not doing anything to protect Muslims.’

The President said, ‘Human rights are eternal and universal rights. But sadly, it is true that the prevailing global human rights situation would distress any sane person. Many countries and organizations are indulging in double standards in the name of human rights.’

The head of state also advised all human rights organizations to be always vigilant in protecting human rights. He also urged to ensure the presence of the National Human Rights Commission wherever human rights violations occur in the country.

The President said, “Irrespective of small-big, rich-poor and party affiliation, the commission must raise a loud voice for the oppressed and against the oppressors.”

The President said that in order for the commission to become a symbol of trust and confidence to the exploited and oppressed, the commission should stand by the oppressed and continue all efforts to punish the oppressors.

He also asked the commission to take necessary initiatives to increase research and publication for the development and development of human rights culture in Bangladesh, increase round-the-clock monitoring of human rights violations, create awareness on human rights issues and conduct advocacy activities.

The head of state said, ‘People’s involvement should be increased in all activities to increase cooperation, including mutual dialogue, meetings, seminars, workshops, education and promotion in the protection of human rights.’


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