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Bangladesh wants to buy more Boeing: Foreign Minister

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Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said that talks are going on with the country to buy a few more aircraft from the American manufacturer Boeing. He said this in response to a question from reporters on Tuesday.

The foreign minister said, ‘America has offered to sell Boeing at low cost. Bangladesh is interested in buying some Boeings and negotiations are going on with America’s proposal.

Bangladesh has previously bought Boeing aircraft for state flag carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Currently, 16 of the 21 aircraft in Biman’s fleet are manufactured by Boeing. 12 of these aircraft are the airline’s own aircraft. After 2008, they were gradually added to the aircraft fleet.

These include four Boeing Triple Sevens, six Boeing Seven Eight Seven Dreamliners and two Boeing Seven Three Seven model aircraft.

Among them, Triple Seven and Dreamliners are able to fly for more than 16 hours continuously. Such aircraft are known as long haul. On the other hand, Seven Three Seven aircraft are used for medium and short-haul destinations.

Recently, Biman has planned to buy 10 aircraft from European based aircraft manufacturer Airbus. A memorandum of understanding has also been signed with Airbus. After that, Boeing started to sell more aircraft to Bangladesh.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said, ‘This buying and selling has nothing to do with the election.’

Claiming that there is no strain in Bangladesh’s relationship with America, Momen said, ‘America advises us as a friend. If it is good, we accept it, if it is unrealistic, it is not possible to take it into account. Bangladesh relations with America are still very good. Dhaka-Washington wants to improve this relationship.

Mentioning Bangladesh as an ideal country for protecting human rights, the minister said, ‘The human rights situation in Bangladesh is much better than any other developed country.’

Noting that the leaders and workers of the opposition party are not being arrested, he said, ‘Those who are carrying out arson, those who are proven are being arrested.’

Regarding Rohingya repatriation, the foreign minister said, ‘When the pilot project of repatriation was being discussed, some foreigners obstructed it. Due to the deterioration of the current situation in Myanmar, the process of sending Rohingya back has slowed down.


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