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Bangladesh Open University admission opportunity for Emirati expatriates

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Bangladesh Open University (BAUBI) has started the admission process of students for SSC and HSC 2024-2025 academic year (2024) under the Open Bangladesh (NISH-2) program conducted by Open School. Bangladeshi immigrants working or living in the Emirates or interested people of Bangladeshi origin can take admission in SSC and HSC academic year through Bangladesh Consulate General Dubai.

In this regard, on January 5, Bangladesh Consulate General Dubai published a notification on their verified Facebook page.

According to the notification, the SSC and HSC admission guidelines for the 2024-2025 academic year (2024 batch) have been published by the Bangladesh Open University (BAUBI) for Bangladeshi citizens residing in the UAE under the Bangladesh Open (NISH-2) program. Expatriate Bangladeshi students are requested to complete the online admission application using the website mentioned in the admission guidelines. The admission fee mentioned in the admission guidelines (SSC 1st year 515 dirhams and HSC 1st year 660 dirhams) at Janata Bank, Dubai Branch (Account Name: Bangladesh Open University Study Facilities- BD Consulate, Dubai and account number: 933100201000004169) and then submit the original copy of the deposit receipt and the hard copy of the completed online admission application to the education wing of the consulate.

The notification also says that the admission notification of Baubi has already been published. Those who are interested can take admission in humanities and business branches if they want. Bangladesh Consulate General Dubai will make the necessary coordination for this educational program. All classes in this program will be conducted online. Aspirants have to complete the online admission process between 5th January to 20th February 2024.

The notification also mentioned that online classes will start from next March.

Minhajul Islam of Chittagong said about the opportunity to finish his unfinished education abroad, ‘I came to Dubai two years ago with a loan to get financial stability and family. Although interested in studies, HSC examination was not given due to financial crisis. Since the Bangladesh government has given our expatriates the opportunity to study in Baubi, I will definitely get admission. Many expatriates like me will be able to take advantage of this facility and use the certificate obtained in the workplace along with their own skills.

Incidentally, this system is already in operation in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Italy in the Middle East. However, this is the first time in the Emirates that expatriates have been admitted to Baubi. Emirati expatriates are very happy and happy with this.


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