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Bangladesh Ladies Club Australia held a banquet

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Bangladesh Ladies Club Australia banquet held in Sydney. Last Saturday at the local Carr’s Bush Park, there were various events throughout the day as well as a delicious lunch in the morning and afternoon.

President of Bangladesh Ladies Club Australia Rahela Arefin and General Secretary Shirin Akhter Munni gave their welcome speech by thanking and thanking everyone for participating in the banquet with best wishes for victory and New Year. Convenor of the banquet Sajeda Sapna also delivered the welcome speech.

Various sports are organized with the guests to make the banquet enjoyable. Ball throwing was held with the participation of men. Pillows are played with the spontaneous participation of women members.

In the afternoon, various sports were organized including singing, poetry recitation. The sports awards were sponsored by Sajeda Sapna, convenor of the banquet. He then distributed the prizes among the winners. Afternoon tea was served and the end of the banquet was announced. Kazi Shamsul Alam was in charge of cooking food and overall arrangements.

This year’s banquet of Bangladesh Ladies Club Australia was for members and their families only. The overall cost of this banquet is defrayed from the club’s own funds. However, the executive members spontaneously help to make the banquet more beautiful with various products.

Abu Reza Arefin, Naeem Abdullah, Shakhawat Hossain Babu and others helped to make this banquet a success in various ways. This banquet banner is provided courtesy of Free Touch Printing. Janmabhoomi Television was in charge of the sound system.

Part of the participants at the Bangladesh Ladies Club Australia Banquet in Sydney.  Photo: Author

Bangladesh Ladies Club Australia has established itself as one of the women’s organizations in the diaspora after its establishment with more than a hundred members.


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