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Bangladesh in tough group in T20 World Cup

Bangladesh in tough group in T20 World Cup

It is known that 20 teams will participate in the upcoming T20 World Cup in the United States and West Indies. Of interest was how the groups were determined. Although nothing has been officially announced from the ICC, the group has already been exposed by the English media The Telegraph. According to the Telegraph report, the first phase will be divided into four groups of five teams each. Among the four groups, Bangladesh is in a relatively difficult group.

It was known that India and Pakistan will be in the same group. And it is ensured that the two teams do not get eliminated in the first phase. Babar Azam-Kohli’s other three companions in Group A are hosts USA, Canada and Ireland. India and Pakistan are sure to make it to the Super Eight if they don’t have an incredibly bad World Cup. All ‘A’ group matches will be played at Eisenhower Park in USA. It is located 30 miles east of Manhattan.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s partners in ‘D’ group are South Africa, Sri Lanka, Netherlands and Nepal. South Africa will worry more than Bangladesh after seeing such a group. After the 2022 T20, the Netherlands also defeated South Africa in the 2023 ODI World Cup. The Dutch also defeated Bangladesh in the last ODI World Cup.
The fifth team in the group, Nepal, has made it through the qualifiers. Except for ‘D’ group, all the other groups have more than one team that has qualified. Moreover, only the matches of this group will be held in the countries of the United States and the Caribbean region.

Group ‘B’ matches will be played in Caribbean countries. Apart from defending champions Australia, this group includes England, Scotland, Namibia and Oman.
New Zealand, Uganda, Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea are in Group ‘C’ along with West Indies, another host of the tournament.

The top two teams from each group will play in the Super Eight. There again they will play divided into two groups. But by now the teams know who will face whom in the top eight. Therefore, going to the next phase as group best or runner up in the first phase will not make any difference.

The teams of the second group stage and Super Eight have been arranged based on the ranking. India, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka have been placed in Group ‘1’ as potential teams. On the other hand, Pakistan, England, West Indies and South Africa have been placed in ‘2’ group.

Bangladesh has not been placed in the possible list of Super Eight as it is not ranked in the top eight. South Africa and Sri Lanka have been placed there from Bangladesh’s ‘D’ group. Shakib-Shantra will play in Bangladesh instead of any country of these two teams if they reach the Super Eight.

The schedule has already been sent to the countries participating in the World Cup. ICC will make it official soon if there are no major changes.