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Bangladesh has advanced 3 steps in military power

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In the current year, Bangladesh is at the 37th position in terms of military power in the world. As a result, Bangladesh has progressed three steps in the index compared to the previous year. In terms of military strength, America is at the top of the list. This was seen in the recently released Global Firepower.com index.

Global Firepower.com has published this list of military capabilities of 145 countries in the world. This list is published every year. The list is made on the basis of military strength index.

The index is created by analyzing more than 60 factors such as the size of a country’s armed forces, economic status, logistical capabilities and geographical location. The lower the country’s score on the index, the higher the country’s ranking of military capabilities.

The Global Firepower 2024 list was released on January 6. Bangladesh scores zero decimal 5419 on their strength index. The United States topped the list with the lowest score of zero decimal 0699. It is followed by Russia, China, India, South Korea, UK, Japan, Turkey, Pakistan and Italy respectively in the top ten list.

Bangladesh ranks fourth among South Asian countries in terms of military strength. India, Pakistan and Myanmar are ahead of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is followed by Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan.

Among neighboring countries of Bangladesh, India is fourth, Pakistan is ninth, Myanmar is 35th, Sri Lanka is 75th and Nepal is 128th. Bhutan is at the bottom of the list at 145th position. The country’s score on the strength index is 6.3704.

According to the updated data of Global Firepower, there are approximately 160,000 active soldiers in the Bangladesh Army. The number of tanks in the army is 320. There are 13 thousand 100 military vehicles.

On the other hand, there are 25 thousand 100 active members of Bangladesh Navy. The force’s ships include seven frigates, six corvettes, two submarines, 30 patrol boats and five mine warfare vessels. However, Bangladesh does not have any destroyer warships, aircraft carriers and helicopter carriers.

According to the report of Global Firepower, the number of active members of Bangladesh Air Force is 17 thousand 400 people. The total number of aircraft of the force is 216. Among them, 44 fighter planes, 73 helicopters, 16 transport planes and 85 training planes. Besides, the Air Force has four aircraft for special operations.


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