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Bangladesh clothing overtook China in Europe

by Afonso
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Bangladesh has topped China in the European Union (EU) market in knitwear exports. BGMEA, the apex organization of garment industry owners, informed this information in a press release.

BGMEA says that Bangladesh has exported the most knitwear to the market during January to September this year. For the first time, Bangladesh has achieved the position of the best exporter in the knitwear category.

Bangladesh has exported 133 million kg of garments to the EU market till September this year, China’s export is 131 million kg.

Out of this, Bangladeshi 570 million kg net clothing income is 9000 million dollars. And 44 million kg of China’s knitwear earned $896 million.

Since 2014, Bangladesh has been the top exporter of denim garments in the EU market. However, this year overall, Bangladesh is 7.3 billion dollars behind China in the export of clothing to the European market.


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