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Bailey Road fire: Injuries not safe

Bailey Road fire: Injuries not safe

The blaze in the high-rise building on Bailey Road has burnt everyone’s airways. The big challenge now is to improve their condition. Health Minister Dr. said that no one is safe. Samant Lal Sen. Stating that the Prime Minister himself is keeping abreast of the patients under treatment, the Health Minister also said that maximum measures have been taken to treat the burn victims.

The death toll in the fire that broke out in the multi-storey building on Thursday night has risen to 46. The fire was brought under control in two hours by the efforts of 13 units of the fire service, but the commercial building was burnt down.

In this incident, the injured were taken to Sheikh Hasina Burn Institute. The smell of burning in the air of the hospital and the cries of relatives. Someone has lost a brother, someone a sister, someone or a loved one. Many people faint due to the grief of losing a loved one.

About half a hundred of the 75 people rescued from the building fire in Bailey Road died. The bodies of 23 of the victims have been handed over to their families so far. At least 25 people have been admitted to Sheikh Hasina Burn Institute and Dhaka Medical Center due to burns. Most of them had burns to their airways.

The health minister went to both hospitals to find out about the burn victims. He said to take all medical measures for these unfortunate people. He said that none of the victims are safe.

Health Minister Dr. Samanta Lal Sen said, ‘Everyone is alarming. Because everyone’s airways are burned. Not burnt on the outside, but burnt on the inside. We are trying to keep those who are alive healthy. The Honorable Prime Minister has instructed me that you should go and see what the situation is.’

In addition to Dhaka Medical, Burn Institute, many injured have received first aid in other hospitals as well.

The fire broke out at the Green Cozy Cottage building on Bailey Road at 10.30pm. 6 units of fire service started working at 9:56. 13 units joined one by one.

Witnesses say they suddenly heard a loud noise. In no time, the fire spread throughout the building.

No casualties were reported for the first two hours. However, the injured people were brought out from the building after 12 pm.

According to the fire service, numerous gas cylinders were stored throughout the building. Even the stairs were stocked with cylinders. As a result, the building caught fire as soon as it caught fire.

Brigadier General Main Uddin, Director General of Fire Service, said, “Except for the second floor, there were cylinders in even stairwells on every floor. It is a dangerous thing. You know what happens when the cylinder explodes in case of fire. We are investigating. Then we will determine how safe the building is.’

Watch the video:The police said that the building did not have adequate fire extinguishing system. DMP Commissioner Habibur Rahman said that a case will be filed against the building owner.

The DMP commissioner said, ‘It is a commercial area and around and behind but there are also residential areas. It will be seen whether the building was constructed properly, whether there is any negligence. A case will be filed at Ramna police station. The police will investigate it.’

The building houses several restaurants including Kachchi Bhai, Pizza Inn, Street Oven, Khanas. Apart from this, there are also some popular clothing stores including Elien, Closest Cloud.

The fire service has already made a five-member investigation committee to investigate the incident.