Home Sports Bahrain acts as a sparring partner for Spain in its debut in the Pre-Olympic

Bahrain acts as a sparring partner for Spain in its debut in the Pre-Olympic

Bahrain acts as a sparring partner for Spain in its debut in the Pre-Olympic

Lat the selection of Barin, Cinderella of the Pre-Olympic 1result one sparring for ‘Hispanics’ in their first game after the European nightmare (39-27). It allows them to recover the thread lost in Germany two months ago and activate themselves in the face of the two matches in which the Olympic qualification will really be played, against Slovenia and Brazil.

Jordi Ribera was able to distribute the minutes as he pleased among his men, in no case forced by a physically inferior rival, although fast in his first line, and weakened by the sanction of five of his players who messed up in January in the Asian Championship held in his country.

The greatest difficulty in this debut in the Pre-Olympic for the ‘Hispanics’ was, possibly, knowing that they were superior and adapting to a different game than the one they are used to facing, maintaining a regular line and without losing concentration. They didn’t always succeed, but they didn’t compromise on the effort. Perhaps their poor start to the European Championship against Croatia inoculates them against the temptation, even unconscious, of playing with the handbrake on.

That’s why now They had broken the game after a quarter of an hour (10-3) with the Barin players tightening their grip with a defense in which they met again for the first time since the Tokyo Games, shoulder to shoulder with Morros and Guardiola. Ball recoveries, blocks and Corrales stops They allowed them to easily run the counterattacks in the first and second wave and open that gap on the scoreboard.

From there the succession of changes, all the ‘Hispanos’ in the 20th minute except their goalkeeper and wingers, opened a window of opportunities for Barin, who arrived injured, but alive at the break (18-11), in which had a lot to do with nine saves from his goalkeeper.

The second half didn’t add much to the game beyond the desire and the success (8 goals without error) of that arrow that is the winger Daniel Fernndez, chosen best player of the match. Ribera timidly ordered a 5:1 in defense, but he returned to 6:0 because one against one of the Bahrainis is the best of his game and he had to protect himself. Spain did not achieve it and the rival added 16 goals in this half, but it is surely a reason for correction for the match against Slovenia.


39 – Space:Corrales (Vargas Prize); Angel Fernndez (3), Sol (2), Garcianda (3), Guardiola (2), Daniel Dujshebaev (1), Tarrafeta (2); Figueras, Alex Dujshebaev (1), Morros, Casado (5), Antonio Garca (4); Javier Fernndez (4), Aleix Gmez (4, 1p), Daniel Fernndez (8).

– Leaving:Isa; Alsamahiji (1), Fadhul, Almaimoor (3), Madam (3), Naser (5), Khamis; Eid (7, 2 p), Qambar (2), Abdulredha (2), Redha (1), Mirza (1), Alfardan (2).

Marker every five minutes:4-0, 8-2, 10-3, 12-6, 16-10, 18-11; 21-13, 25-16, 28-19, 32-20, 35-23, 39-27.

arbitrators: Biro and Kiss (Hungary). They excluded Guardiola and Morros for Spain, and Abdulredha and Fadhul for Barin.

Incidences: Match of the first day of the pre-Olympic tournament 1. Granollers sports hall, 2,132 spectators.