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Badda United Medical College Hospital is closed

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The service activities of Baddar United Medical College Hospital in the capital have been closed on the orders of the Department of Health. However, the Health Education Department will make an inquiry committee to decide whether the college will be closed or not. The department says that various irregularities have been found in the hospital.

On December 31, 5-year-old Ayan was circumcised at United Medical College Hospital, Badda. He died after 8 days.

The investigation showed that the hospital was running without the approval of the health department. After that, the health department ordered to close it on Sunday night. On Monday, after receiving that letter, the hospital’s services have been stopped, the authorities said.

Hospital manager Ariful Haque said, ‘We applied in the name of United Healthcare Services Limited. This name is a mistake, our health department has suggested that this name should be fixed. As per that suggestion we will apply again and come back as per rules.’

As per rules, the hospital was supposed to have 250 beds and 175 patients but there was not a single patient on Monday. In addition, the health department has found various irregularities.

Acting Director of the Department (Hospital) Dr. Moinul Ahsan said, ‘The facilities they had, the OT ward, are in a basement building. It seems unhealthy to me. During the inspection we did not find any patient there or any patient in the chamber.’

Though the hospital is closed, a final decision has not yet been taken on whether the medical college will remain operational or not.

Tito Mia, director general of the Department of Health and Education, said, ‘If the hospital is permanently closed, we will also make necessary arrangements for the education program. We will certainly inspect and consider if their closure is temporary.’

United Medical College was launched in 2019 in Satarkul area of ​​Badda.


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