Home News Back to the driving school benches: Can you handle the new questions in the quiz for novice drivers?

Back to the driving school benches: Can you handle the new questions in the quiz for novice drivers?

Back to the driving school benches: Can you handle the new questions in the quiz for novice drivers?

Beginner drivers who plan to take a course at a driving school in the near future and thus eventually get their desired driver’s license must prepare not only for the relatively high prices of the courses themselves, but also for the introduced new system and the range of questions in the final quiz.

As of April 2023, a new digitized system for passing the theory quiz began to be used as part of the final testing of driver’s license applicants. Thus, almost a year ago, the long-anticipated changes came into force, which tightened, changed and at the same time extended the overall final professional evaluation of applicants for a driver’s license.

The new testing method emphasizes a more comprehensive assessment of the driver’s license applicant’s knowledge, while the test itself takes place in digital online form on computers and is carried out in examination rooms located at individual district traffic inspectorates.

The number of questions has increased to exactly 40 and they are also significantly more difficult, respectively more complex and include significantly more practical questions that drivers may encounter during their future “driving life”. With this change, the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic wanted to avoid possible corruption or the possibility of applicants simply memorizing questions and passing tests without a real understanding of the issue.

Practically all final tests are “unique” from last year, which ensures a better examination of the future driver. The theory test is carried out independently, depending on the required group of driver’s license, electronically by means of a trial test with randomly generated questions from the database of questions prepared by the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. Do you dare to answer any of the questions correctly in our quiz above? Will you achieve a flawless result or will you hesitate?


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