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Awami League wants a new face in the reserved seats

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Awami League is looking for a new face in the reserved women’s seat of the 12th Parliament, not the former. However, central leaders are hinting that exceptions may be made in the case of some. Apart from this, three to four people can be given a chance by the choice of 14 party members from Awami League.

Independently elected 62 MPs have supported Awami League in the distribution of reserved seats for women in the Twelfth Parliament. The incumbents are getting 48 out of 50 seats. Jatiya Party is getting the remaining two.

The schedule may come this week. Awami League will start giving nomination forms at the same time. However, in this case, prominent people want to see women contributing in various fields of society. They say that those who are active on the streets should also be evaluated.

Lawyer Turin Afroz said, ‘There will be artists, there will be politicians. Social workers will be there. There will be members from the families of many tyagi leaders. If the team feels that I have the ability to go there or that I can eventually reach this place by going through such a process, then I will definitely continue to work the way I have been working.’

Yuba Mahila League general secretary Sharmin Sultana Lilly said, ‘I have been involved in student politics for a long time. I am the vanguard of leader Sheikh Hasina’s liberation movement. You can say, I led that movement from the very front. I did politics in Chhatra League, I did politics in Jubo League. After that I joined Yuva Mahila League. Those who have done politics for a long time, I would like them to be evaluated by the public leader.

There were 43 reserved women parliamentarians of Awami League in the 11th Parliament. This time four of them have won by direct vote. Few of the remaining 39 may be returned as MPs from reserved seats, but most of them may be new faces. And the children of Awami League family will get importance in this.

Awami League presidium member Jahangir Kabir Nanak said, “From all sectors, cultural, philanthropic, teachers, political activists, NGO representatives from all places, young and old, honorable leader Sheikh Hasina fills these women’s seats.”

Abdur Rahman, another member of the presidium of the party, said, ‘There are many women leaders who have sacrificed and been involved in this political process for a long time. Maybe he (Prime Minister) gave it in exchange. Maybe someone will drop out of consideration, someone new will come.

Apart from this, two or three women MPs may be reserved from party nominees, from writers and artists to minorities and minor ethnic groups. However, Awami League President Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will make the final decision.


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