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Awami League leader hacked to death in Comilla

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Awami League leader was allegedly hacked to death in Titas of Comilla. The incident took place on Monday (December 18) at 3:30 pm in Nayachar village of Narandia Union. This was confirmed by Titus Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Kanchan Kanti Das.

It is known that the Awami League leader, the victim of the murder, is the general secretary of Awami League, Ward No. 9 of Vitikandi Union of Upazila and Md. Raghunathpur village. Mustafa Kamal Munshi.

OC Kanchan Kanti Das said, ‘The area is inaccessible. We are walking as the road is being renovated. As far as I know miscreants killed him by hacking and slitting his throat. There were several cases against him. But why or who killed him will be known later. Legal action in this regard is under process. But we have got the name of a person named Saidur – inquiries are being made about him.’

He also said that the killers had previous enmity with Mustafa Kamal Munsi from local sources.


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