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Awami League candidate’s son-in-law has been accused of beating an independent candidate’s worker

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Awami League candidate for Manikganj-1 constituency Abdus Salam has been accused of beating Pradeep Bose, the party’s independent candidate SM Zahid. This incident took place in Manikganj bus stand area on Sunday afternoon. Injured Pradip Bose General Secretary of Bangabandhu Generation League District Committee. He is a worker of Awami League independent candidate SM Zahid from Manikganj-1 Constituency (Ghior, Daulatpur and Shivaloy). The injured Pradeep has been admitted to the 250-bed general hospital of the district headquarters.

Pradeep Basu, who is under treatment in the hospital, told reporters that the son-in-law of the Awami League candidate’s daughter has been angry with him (Pradeep) for several days as he has done election work for Awami League’s independent candidate SM Zahid. As a result of this, on Thursday, Awami League candidate District Awami League General Secretary Advocate Abdus Salam’s daughter-in-law, former District Chhatra League General Secretary, current District Awami League member Enamul Haque Rubel threatened him over the phone. Enamul Haque Rubel told him on the cell phone, ‘Pradip, you work for the Awami League, you work for the Volunteer League, you work as an independent candidate! ‘There is news if you work as an independent candidate. You stay awake, you have news.’

Pradeep Basu said, ‘Even on Sunday morning, Enamul Haque threatened him on the phone. After this today around 5 o’clock in the afternoon in Manikganj bus stand area in front of a clinic called Green Life Diagnostic Center on the instructions of Enamul Haque. Several others including Rana, Masood Parvez and Nurul Islam surrounded him from all sides. After that Elopathari started beating with iron pipes and chains. They left when he fell to the ground. Later the local people admitted him to the hospital.

Going to the hospital around seven o’clock today, it was found that Pradeep Bose was admitted to bed number 21 on the sixth floor of the hospital. He is kept with saline.

Shamima Akhtar, the doctor in charge of the hospital’s emergency department, said, ‘The injured person has injuries in different parts of his body. He is being treated. Enamul Haque went to see Pradeep Bose at the hospital around 8:30 tonight.’

Later Enamul Haque denied the allegations and said, ‘I do not know about beating him (Pradip). We were outside the district headquarters with election work. And what I heard when I came to the hospital, those who were there during the beating, whose names Pradeep says, they work with Pradeep’s brother at Green Life Hospital. After that, I am looking into the matter of who beat him.’

Manikganj Sadar Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Swapan Kumar Sarkar said, ‘Police have been sent to the hospital after receiving the news. If complaints are received, legal action will be taken after investigation.’


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