Home News Australia announces agreement to build nuclear-powered submarines with British company BAE Systems

Australia announces agreement to build nuclear-powered submarines with British company BAE Systems

Australia announces agreement to build nuclear-powered submarines with British company BAE Systems

Australia and the United Kingdom signed this Thursday in Canberra a defense and security cooperation agreement, which facilitates their respective armed forces to operate jointly in each other’s territory, in order to address “contemporary challenges” in the Indo-Pacific and globally.

He The agreement was signed by the Australian Defense Minister, Richard Marles, and his British counterpart, Grant Shapps, who is with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, in Canberra to participate in the annual ministerial consultations between Australia and the United Kingdom (Aukmin, acronym in English).

“Our vision and perspective of the world is very, very similar. Our understanding of the world order is almost identical and the need to act together has never been more pressing than today,” Shapps stressed at a press conference in Canberra with Marles.

This agreement will also facilitate the visit of British submarine crews to Australia within the framework of the AUKUS security agreement that Washington, London and Canberra signed in 2019 to reinforce their presence in the Indo-Pacific region and that includes the construction and development of nuclear submersibles in the oceanic country.

In addition, the agreement signed today between Australia and the United Kingdom, two historical allies and partners in various security and cooperation alliances, also formalizes bilateral consultations on sovereignty and regional security, according to a joint statement published today on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website. Defense of the oceanic country.

In addition, The agreement will allow greater joint participation in intelligence, climate change, as well as coordinated cooperation in the development of capabilities and a more intense and closer collaboration in matters of submarine warfare, autonomous removal of sea mines, science, technology and workforce.

“The agreement we signed today is very practical, but also very timely. It reflects a relationship that has become much more strategic, a relationship that has a much greater national security dimension,” Marles said today at the press conference.

The challenges facing these historic partners refer to the volatility and tensions in the Indo-Pacific region, which encompasses the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait and the Korean Peninsula, as well as global conflicts such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the in the Middle East and the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, among others.

Marles and Shapps, along with Wong and Cameron, will participate tomorrow in the Australian city of Adelaide in the annual Aukmin ministerial consultations, in which according to local media the creditor of the tender to build nuclear submarines for Australia will be announced.

The British ministers coincide on Australian territory with the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, who is in Sydney as part of his tour to New Zealand and Australia between March 17 and 21.