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Atif of the Robinhood Rescue Team could not be saved

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Three members of the Robinhood Rescue Team were electrocuted while catching pet birds in the Hasnabad area of ​​South Keraniganj, Dhaka, and one died.

Tashfian Atif (22) died on Thursday around 12:30 pm while undergoing treatment at the One Stop Emergency Center (OSEC) of Dhaka Medical College (DMH) Hospital. 98 percent of Atif’s body was burnt.

Atif Puran is the son of Nazmul Islam of Chandighat area of ​​Lalbagh police station in Dhaka. According to his relatives, Atif, who studied in the twelfth standard of Ideal College, chose this profession with kindness.

Shafiqul Islam (40) is admitted to the Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery in this incident. The other injured Rupak (18) suffered minor burns and was discharged after receiving first aid.

Robin, the leader of the ‘Robinhood Rescue’ team said, ‘We went to the Hasanabad area of ​​South Keraniganj after getting the news. There, three members of the rescue team went ahead to catch a pet bird sitting on an electric wire. Our rescue personnel accidentally got electrocuted while trying to catch the bird with a stick trap. Later Sheikh Hasina rescued them and brought them to Bern. The doctor in charge said that Atif’s condition is critical.

Robin said, Atif was referred to Dhaka Medical One Stop Emergency Center around 10:30 pm. He died there around 12.30 pm while undergoing treatment. Another burnt Shafiqul Islam Sheikh Hasina is undergoing treatment at the burn.

In charge of police camp of DMK Hospital. Bachchu Mia confirmed the matter by quoting the doctor. He said that when Tashfian Atif was brought to the One Stop Emergency Center of Dhaka Medical Department with 98 percent burns from Dakshin Keraniganj, he died while undergoing treatment.

The body has been kept in the mortuary of the emergency department of the hospital. Bachchu Mia also said that the matter has been reported to the concerned police station.


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