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At the end of the fight, the mother lost her life to save her son

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A mother died while trying to save her son in a clash after village arbitration in Munshiganj. The incident took place on Saturday afternoon at Paiksharpara of Bhaberchar Union in Ghazaria of the district.

The name of the deceased woman is Rokeya Begum (62). She is the wife of deceased Abaidullah Sarkar and mother of Sohail Sarkar of Paiksharpar village of Bhaberchar Union.

Talking to some eyewitnesses of the incident, it is known that there was a dispute between the sons of deceased Abaidullah Sarkar of Paiksharpar village of Bhaberchar Union and the sons of his cousin Shahidullah Sarkar over land related issues. Even though village arbitration was held several times, it could not be resolved. Later, the arbitration meeting started today on Saturday. At the end of the arbitration, it was decided that the sons of the deceased Ebaidullah will get the disputed land. Later, both sides clashed due to a dispute over this. Rokeya Begum, the wife of deceased Abaidullah, was injured in the attack of the opponent.

Village arbitration judge Hannan Sarkar said, ‘We resolved the arbitration. The collision happened after the arbitration was over. None of us were present then.’

Son of the victim, Sohail Sarkar, said, ‘My cousins ​​Sajeev, Manju and Rajib were basically beating me. They punched and beat my mother to death when she came to save me. My mother was systematically killed. I want hanging all those involved in this incident.

Bhaberchar Union Parishad Chairman Shahid Mohammad Liton said, ‘The matter was supposed to be tried in the village court of our Union Parishad, but when both parties demanded arbitration at their homes, I agreed there. After four o’clock on Saturday afternoon, I got news that a woman died in a clash between the two sides while measuring the land and dividing it after village arbitration.’

Gazaria Upazila Health Complex emergency department doctor Dr. Zahidul Islam said, ‘A woman was brought to our hospital around quarter past four in the afternoon. After preliminary examination we declared him dead. There were no signs of injury on him.’

Additional Superintendent of Police of Munshiganj Sadar-Gazaria Circle Thandar Khairul Hasan said, ‘I have received information that a woman has died in a clash in Gramya Salish. The police were sent after the incident. The process of sending the body to Munshiganj General Hospital for autopsy is underway. Details will be given after getting the post-mortem report.’


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