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At night, Shah Rukh used to deliver the girls home

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Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’, ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Danki’ have been released this year. Among these, the first two films have received the title of blockbuster. The recently released ‘Dunky’ is also doing well. The year 2023 can be said of Shah Rukh! While King Khan is climbing the ladder of success, former theater colleague Deepika Amin is passionate about him. He revealed the unknown truth about the superstar.

Shahrukh did not get success overnight in the industry. He has gradually risen. Actors used to do theater in the beginning. He was associated with the Barry Jones Theater Group. Actress Deepika Amin was Shah Rukh’s colleague in that team at that time.

Deepika reminisced about those old days in an interview recently. He said, it was often night before the theater finished. At that time, Shahrukh was responsible for delivering the girls.

According to the Times of India, Deepika commented, ‘Shahrukh and Rituraj both had cars. It was often late at night before the theater finished. And they would deliver the girls home only at night. A transport system that carried everyone. Shah Rukh had a Maruti van and used to drop everyone one by one to their homes. Everyone helped everyone back then. We used to go to buy costumes together.’

Shah Rukh was not a star kid. He had to work hard to get the title of ‘King’. Deepika said that the traces of that hard work and greatness are still there. When asked how Shahrukh was as a person, he said, ‘The amount of enthusiasm he had then, is still there. Stand by everyone. Shahrukh would be fine even if there was no one at night. would deliver.’

Even Shahrukh’s film ‘Fan’ released in 2016 came up in this interview. Where Deepika played the role of mother. He did not feel uncomfortable playing the role of a mother who is both the same age? Deepika comments, ‘Initially a little discomfort worked. Although the director said that Shahrukh will be seen very small in the film. His age will be reduced by the use of prosthetics and special effects. It happened like that.’

Incidentally, ‘Pathan’ starring Shahrukh was released in January. ‘Jawan’ in September. Two films stormed the box office from the first day. Rajkumar Hirani directed ‘Danki’ came last on 21 December. This movie of Shah Rukh collected 124 crore rupees at the Indian box office in five days of its release.


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