Home News At a time when ‘Animal’ is a blockbuster, fear of ‘Dunky’ in turbulent times: Deepankar Deepan

At a time when ‘Animal’ is a blockbuster, fear of ‘Dunky’ in turbulent times: Deepankar Deepan

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‘Antarjal’ released today on the domestic streaming platform Banga. Its producer Deepankar Deepan is said to be quite cheerful on the day. But he expressed concern. Highlighting the current state of the cine world, the filmmaker said, “At a time when ‘Animal’ is a blockbuster, ‘Dunky’ is also feared in volatile times.”

Dipankar Dipan gave a long post on social media today Thursday. Where the reality of the domestic and international film industry has emerged in recent times. Expressing his anger, this producer said, ‘It has started that the audience can only be entertained, dazzled and shocked; If that is the case, promoting immoral things, belittling women, practicing masculinity, practicing wrong values—everything is permissible.’

Dipankar Deepan used an example to explain the situation. “It’s like when the Jews took over the American theater,” he said. Henry Ford wrote in his book Secrets of Zionism (which was actually a column in the Independent), ‘By 1912 the Jews were obsessed with possession. Bank, industry all. Eyes fell on the entertainment industry, then there was music and theater. Occupying the theater makes a little more sense, and makes Christianity look smaller. They then started buying all the small theaters. Bring sex into the theater because it sells more. Started production by spending 10 times more money than the market. Dazzling items were used, the director, hero, heroine bought everything. The audience is a complete task. Hey, the money I used to watch dramas with rich performances, now how many things are happening on the stage with that money; The sky is changing, pari namache (not pari mani), people are flying, ocean tides, how many storms? People started reading in a hurry. As the investment is high, the audit work to withdraw it is stopped. All the safe zone started playing, the tide of love-sex started flowing. The director is the craftsman and the actors are the implementation tools of the project. At times inserting an element of belittling Christianity. Everyone’s salary is very high, if earlier they were getting 20 thousand per month, now they are getting 2 lakh per month. Who else will go out of the studio!’

He said, ‘If the visitor can have lunch at the five-star hotel Sonargai at the cost of Cafe de Taj in Moghbazar, will he go to Moghbazar?’ Crazy not bitten?’

Donkey poster.  Photo: Collected

Finally Dipankar Deepan talks about Shahrukh’s ‘Pathan’, ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Danki’. He commented, ‘For these reasons I did not like Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback with a one-time watch movie like Pathan-Jawaan. Shah Rukh is neither Tom Cruise nor Tom Hanks to me. I watch most of Shahrukh’s movies many times. I want Shahrukh to come back with Dunki, Dunki is releasing today. Of course, in the turbulent times when Animal is a blockbuster, Dunki is also feared. On the other hand ‘salar’. I really like this franchise of Prashant Neel (KGF). Creates another world, showing the triumph of the exploited. This team also clashed with Salar. All in all, there is a fear of Dunki. If Dunki loses, my movie Biswas will lose. My idol Shahrukh will lose, he will have to rely on South producers again. 1000 Crores should be earned by making an eye catching one time watch movie. don’t want that Shahrukh wants at least 10 more movies to watch again and again. That’s why Dunki’s hit is important.’

Incidentally, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s movie ‘Danki’ has been released in different countries on Thursday. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani. On the other hand, South superstar Prabhas’ ‘Saalar’ is going to release tomorrow. Director Prashant Neel.


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