Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro – Head To Head Comparison

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We’re sure you’re creating your personal or business’ website and you have come across Astra or Elementor as a website enhancement tool. You’ve come to the Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro article, where you’re trying to figure out which you should purchase to ensure the perfect grooming solution for your website.

But, before we get into the final comparison between these two products, it is essential to understand that Elemontor is an WordPress Page Builder and Astra is an Astra theme. Both offer free services, while the Pro version can provide you with many more features than you’ll ever require. Let’s begin with the fundamentals.

Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro – Head To Head Comparison

Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro
Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro


What Is Astra Pro?

Asta Pro is an WordPress plugin that lets you use the best capabilities of the theme. It makes life simpler in the process of creating websites. You can easily customize your site with no knowledge about programming. It is important to remember the fact that Astra Pro is an application that lets you to personalize your free Astra theme by activating advanced features.

Astra Pro is known as the lightest design platform that has no unnecessary bloatware. The perfect User Interface that the Pro feature provides is something it has achieved. We’ve all heard that certain themes aren’t made for users who aren’t programmers and are forced to switch to more basic themes. However this isn’t one of them.

Each of the other features which are available when you buy Astro Pro Astro Pro has separate sections classified into categories that are easily turned off or on due to the most simple interface that has ever existed. Additionally, each of the new capabilities comes with a video guide for novices along with brief explanation of what a click will do.

What Does Astra Pro Do?

In the beginning, due to the extensive speed-optimized features that allow users to achieve more work in a shorter amount of time. If you own an online store with WooCommerce However, Astra Pro is a essential template for an online retailer. Every WooCommerce site can be seamlessly connected to Astra Pro. Additionally, you can ensure that your website is efficient, fast and free of bugs.


It is essential to stand out from thousands of websites that are out there in order to establish your own distinctive image and establish a brand. This is the area where Astra Pro can assist you to achieve your goals. You can personalize every aspect including unique fonts, to unique headers and footers, in order to differentiate yourself from other websites. The greatest part is that you can accomplish everything with no code.

Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro
Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro

Conversion Rate

Astra Pro also has an Infinite Scroll function. Astra Pro also has an Infinite Scroll function, which lets users scroll forever, in the event that there are sufficient products available. This allows users to spend more time on the site, and ultimately, to buy things, leading to an increasing conversion rate.

Add Ons

The primary benefit of buying Astra Pro Astra Pro is the plugin add-ons. It is easy to enable and deactivate any plugins you don’t need on your site. You also have more options for your site to provide an identical experience, while still being distinct.

Does Astra Pro worth it?

The cost of a year’s subscription, which is $249, isn’t a lot when you look at the most impressive features that over one million people use. If you’re employing Beaver Builder or Elementor, Astra is a huge benefit.

The Astra Pro’s WooCommerce ecosystem is like the one you have on your Apple devices in that each device is able to communicate with each other. With Astra Pro, each plugin is connected to WooCommerce flawlessly.

However it is true that Astra Pro, a free Astra theme can be used to build professional websites in any day. Websites may require weeks, days, and even months build according to your preferences, however Astra Pro can create it within hours.

In addition, while the majority of us don’t provide the same level service as we grow your websites Astra Pro guarantees that speed won’t be compromised. The Pro version is ideal for companies of all sizes.

Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro
Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro


What Is Elementor Pro?

Simply put, Elementor Pro is the identical to the free Elementor Page Builderbut with more advantages. We have already experienced great control of our website using the free Elementor however, the focus specifically focuses on content-based control. The Pro version here lets you manage all of the website’s content from the top to bottom, it’s your domain to conquer.

In addition, with the page builders, changing websites has never been simpler. Utilizing this builder for pages, you can basically use the drag-and drop feature that lets you drag the items you wish to put on your website and then place the feature on your website and voila, it’s there.

The upgraded widgets and templates, Templates blocks, as well as Templates primary reasons you should upgrade to Pro version. This is a result of more advanced websites which is also easier to build. In addition, the Elementor Professional removes the need the installation of new plugins with each new task you need to complete.

What Does Elementor Pro Do?

What you’ll receive when you purchase the Elementor Pro will assist you in deciding whether you want to purchase this product, or not. However, to say it in another way it is the Elementor Pro lets your idea come to reality. We’ve witnessed this often that we can come up with an idea, but are unable to implement it on our site due to an absence of knowledge.

Elementor Pro, on the contrary, displays precisely what you’re looking to find and offers a variety of choices as well as improving your user’s experience. Let’s dive into this one.


It’s common that a site is perfect on a computer with a desktop. In the case of tablets and mobile phones our site falls short of its potential and results in a lagging and disorganized experience. Additionally, mobile phones feature an image of the screen, and when users tilt their phones to the side, the website is slower than before and users can’t navigate efficiently.

The Elementor Pro has the best view adjuster available, regardless of the phone you’re running, your site will look as clean and neat as if it was on a computer. Additionally, it doesn’t matter which device the user plugs their phone into. The Pro version will adjust itself to the speed at which the screen rotates on the phone and will provide an unchanging quality of experience to the users.


The primary purpose is to give users an enjoyable experience when they visit a site, since they will make the most of their website if they are successful. The elegant and sophisticated motions of Elementor Pro and the premium version, make your site more engaging.

You can also create your own motion using the selection of more than 10,000 motions available. A simple bounce of a button may increase the user’s experience, however we’re not aware of it. But the use of it to generate the motion effect is about as easy as it is.

Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro
Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro


A PopUp builder is next on the list. And If you own an online website, you’ll definitely require it. If you’re selling something that is on sale, or you want to display the public with a PopUp to let people know what’s happening at your blog or store The PopUp is an excellent way to let customers know when they visit your website.

Full Kits

If you’re only beginning on the website you want to create and aren’t sure of how it should look Elementor Pro’s kits are sure to be of help. With the variety of kits available to pick from, you’ll be able to alter the overall look and feel of your site with just a click.

Kits are split into different sections, such as when you are planning to build the company of a tour There is a section named Travel on the sidebar. Clicking it will display the kits that can be used to create an online travel website.


Is Elementor Pro Worth it?

Its free Elementor is pretty sufficient to allow you to manage your business day-to-day operations while looking stylish. If your business relies entirely upon a web-based site, Elementor’s Pro version is worth a consider.

So spending the money to purchase Elementor Pro Pro version is definitely worthwhile in the long run. With Elementor Pro, you have everything you require right in the front of you.

Astra Pro Vs Elementor Pro – Head To Head Comparison


We’ll now get to the essence of our discussion: should you purchase the Elementor Pro edition or Astro version? To decide which you’re looking for, you’ll need be able to follow the comparison procedure.

As we’ve already mentioned, Astra is a theme however, and Elementor is a plug-in, so how can you compare the two if they come both from different worlds? The answer is easy: select the one that will make your life simpler. Let’s get started.

User Interface

When it comes to creating websites the user interface within this plugin is vital because it can determine whether making a website is easy. A user-friendly interface will supply us with the tools we need and will make it easy to create them on our site.

It is worth noting that Elementro Pro offers front-end editing This is the main reason to buy for this product right now. On the left of the live front-end site there is all the tools. When you are in the mood to make a change, just use the toolbox, and then place it where you’d like to on your site, and it’ll be live.

Additionally, you can alter the colors, fronts and other elements by clicking them, which will bring you to the editing section. Only Elementor allows front-end editing and we believe that it is the most effective method of editing any element you want to edit.

Astra themes and Astra Pro Astra Pro, in contrast put more focus on customizing the website to look more attractive instead of making changes to the site. But, this doesn’t mean users’ interface isn’t good. To edit your website it is necessary to use the basic WordPress Editor, which also permits instant editing. Astro Pro, to put it simply, is all about fashion.

Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro
Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro


The site which takes time to load will deter visitors from visiting the site for any reason. It’s a fact that heavy themes and plugins slow your site. Since the website has to buffer all the content that is on it, and larger things can take a long time to download, loading your site takes longer than it normally does.

However, both are ok to use due to their light weight and won’t impede you in any way. As a contrast, Astro Pro would be the winner should we have to pick one winner.

SEO Friendly

It is crucial to have a website that is SEO friendly to be able to rank highly on any search engine that is well-known and attract as many visitors as you can. If your plugin isn’t SEO-friendly, it could struggle to be found on search engines, while using one that is will enable you to rank higher.

In this instance, Astra Pro is rated superior to Elementor Pro in regards to SEO-friendlyness. It’s not a lie: Elementor Pro is SEO friendly , however not nearly as significantly as Astra Pro.

Library Quantity

The availability of a large library enhances the editing capabilities of your website. You can add elegant built-in elements to your website using several versions that require less effort than creating it by yourself. The Packs have been developed by highly skilled developers and are 100% error-free. Additionally they can be used to build your own pile of stuff.

It is worth noting that Elementro Pro has a massive library of designs that are unrivalled in the market by Astra Pro. With more than 300 templates to pick from it is possible to pick the one that you prefer and get it up and up and running in just a few seconds. Astra Pro however provides a variety of themes and templates.


Compatibility is the ease at the way that two or more systems can be integrated in order that websites do not suffer from any slowness. This is often neglected, however, using the iPhone 6 with an IOS 15 can cause an issue due to the fact that the two systems are incompatible. WordPress websites, as with other platforms, face compatibility issues.

Certain WordPress themes aren’t compatible with Elementor which means that you might encounter issues while trying to utilize Elementor. Astra is, on the contrary side, is compatible with all most well-known themes, such as Elementor, Beaver, Brizy and Gutenberg.

Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro
Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro

Which One Should You Choose?

To summarize, the war that has been fought between Astra Pro against Elementor Prohas not been easy. Each comes with distinct elements and features which make life easier for us. But, it’s your choice to pick the option that is most suitable for your requirements for building your website.

If you’re trying to design your own website from scratch as a construction project, Elementor Pro is usually recommended. Astra Pro, on the contrary is the option to choose if you would like to take your website’s appearance to the highest level!

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