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Aslam Mia was the only source of income for the family of 6 members

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One person was killed and at least seven others were injured in the derailment of seven coaches of Mohanganj Express along with its engine in Gazipur. Aslam Mia (30), who was killed in this incident, was buried in his native village Rouha in Gafargaon, Mymensingh. The family is mourning the loss of the only earner. There is no language to comfort them.

Aslam Mia’s mother said, Aslam Mia was a vegetable seller by profession. His income was used to support six members of the family. Every day he bought vegetables from the remote areas of Gafargaon and sold them in Dhaka.

Last Tuesday night, on the way to Dhaka with vegetables in the Mohanganj Express train, seven coaches including the engine derailed near the Bhawal railway station in Gazipur, and Aslam died on the spot. On the surface, it can be seen that Aslam’s death, his mother, wife Fatema Khatun and their three sons and daughters do not stop crying in any way. No one knows the language to comfort them. Besides bringing those responsible to justice, the helpless family wants the help of the government.

The relatives and local residents of the deceased Aslam strongly condemned such a shameful incident and appealed to the government to help the helpless family.

Aslam’s wife said that his family has lost their only source of income.

Aslam Mia was buried in the family grave at Rouha village in Gafargaon, Mymensingh after the Bad Esha Janaza on Wednesday.


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