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As there are no workers, he puts up posters alone, seeks votes alone

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Candidates across the country are busy campaigning around the 12th National Assembly elections. In the election campaign, the candidates are going to the voters and asking for votes by teaming up with workers and supporters. Some are marching, some are organizing public meetings. However, the independent candidate of Shariatpur-1 constituency is campaigning in an exceptional manner. Golam Mustafa.

Shariatpur-1 Constituency consists of Shariatpur Sadar and Jajira Upazila. Md. will fight as an independent candidate in this seat with the eagle symbol. Golam Mustafa. He is running an election campaign on this. But there is no leader-activist or supporter in his campaign. This candidate is running his campaign alone.

He hired an autorickshaw for election campaigning. He is asking voters to vote for him alone by putting a microphone there. Where the candidates serve tea to the voters during the election, the voters are serving tea to this candidate.

Golam Mustafa is a resident of Naodoba area of ​​Jazira upazila. His annual income is 2 lakh 50 thousand taka. The amount of immovable and immovable property is 7.5 lakh taka. He is a businessman by profession. After the announcement of the schedule, he bought the first nomination in Shariatpur-1 seat. Mustafa Howlader is fighting with five candidates of various political parties including Awami League in this important seat of the district known as the stronghold of Awami League.

Meanwhile, he has already responded to the area in such an exceptional campaign. Every day he goes to at least 5 to 6 unions in a rented auto-rickshaw with enough posters and leaflets. Using the ladder kept with him, he climbs up to different places and distributes the posters with his own hands. And the autorickshaw driver and two associates are helping him in this campaign. Two microphones are installed in the autorickshaw. In this way, he is carrying out mass communication and campaigning in various areas of his constituency in accordance with the electoral code of conduct.

Talked about this with independent candidate Golam Mustafa. When asked, this candidate said, ‘The worker comes for his own interests, not for the interests of the people. If there is a fair demand I may be able to fulfill it. But if someone wants to take illegal advantage, then I can’t give it. I am not keeping anyone with me for this. People will vote for my integrity and not for my campaign. I am going to the voters. If elected, I will do development work in return for votes. I think everyone is mine. No one is far or near. So, if elected, I will try to ensure equal rights of the people.’

Autorickshaw driver and two assistants are looking for votes in different areas.  Golam Mustafa.  Photo: The IndependentGolam Mostafar said, ‘To keep workers with you, you need a lot of money. I don’t have that money. Before the election I had 1 lakh 60 thousand rupees. In the meantime, one lakh 35 thousand taka is over. I don’t even have the money that I will pay them with the agent at the polling station. If someone is a willing agent, then maybe.’

This is discussed with the voters of the area. They said, Golam Mustafa Hawladar is a new candidate. Look at his own campaign, he is doing it himself, and he is also climbing trees and pulling posters himself. He does not have much money. That’s why they can’t keep workers. They called such a candidate and fed him tea. They do not know whether he will pass. However, voters commented that if such people win the election, it will be good for the country.

Independent candidates are giving their election leaflets to the voters themselves.  Photo: The IndependentOther candidates in this seat are – Awami League’s nominated candidate Iqbal Hossain Apu, Jatiya Party’s Masudur Rahman, Trinamool BNP’s Basar Madbar and Khilafat Movement’s Md. Abdus Samad.

According to District Election Office sources, there are two municipalities and 23 unions in Shariatpur-1 seat. There are 1 lakh 90 thousand 408 male, 1 lakh 72 thousand 910 female and 11 third gender among 3 lakh 63 thousand 349 voters in the 12th National Parliament election. These voters will exercise their right to vote in 478 rooms of 135 polling stations. The constituency has 44 temporary polling booths. 67 thousand 330 voters have increased in the constituency in the twelfth national parliament election compared to the eleventh national parliament election.


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