Home Business As the week went by, the price of dozen eggs increased by 10 rupees

As the week went by, the price of dozen eggs increased by 10 rupees

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As the week went by, the price of eggs increased again. The price has increased up to 10 rupees per dozen. Per dozen farm chicken eggs are being sold at Tk 140 to 145.

Buyers have expressed their anger at the sudden increase in the price of eggs. The price of broiler chicken has decreased slightly in the market. It is selling at 180 to 190 taka per kg reduced by 10 taka.

A customer who came to the caravan market of the capital expressed his anger and said, ‘Lower middle class people eat more eggs and potatoes. The egg market is unstable, the potato market is also unstable.

An egg seller in the same market said, ‘Tk 145 for a dozen of red eggs. And 141 rupees for a dozen white eggs. With the month of Ramadan ahead, Muslims have a religious issue. If the commodity price is under control, it is good for the common man.’

Meanwhile, the price of local onion has decreased slightly. It is being sold at Tk 90 per kg.

Besides, the supply of winter vegetables is normal but the prices are increasing, traders say. Most of the vegetables are being sold at Tk 60 per kg.

The price of gram and dal rises before fasting. Chickpeas are being sold at Tk 100 to Tk 110 per kg. The sellers say the prices are somewhat bearable as the supply of fish is good. A kg of beef is kept at 700 rupees.


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